Hippychick Classic World Baby Music Set Review


Reviewed by Deborah Banasko

I’m a mother of three, so we have a varied selection of musical instruments at home already, and we do like a bit of noise! I’ve never tried a wooden set with the kids, and these do look a little different than your standard plastic tambourine and flute.

Included in the box are a pair of non-identical castanets, a maraca, and two rattles. They’re brightly coloured with animals, faces or flowers added onto the design which is really appealing to children and the perfect size for little hands. The kids were instantly drawn to them, though I would say that these would suit younger children as a starter music set. At some point a drum and tambourine will be needed!

Castanets are always a little tricky but there’s an extended elastic portion and the wood is more angled than the smoother plastic set that we have at home; this just makes it much easier to use with the children, when comparing the wooden set to our cheap plastic set at home. The elastic also has a little flower and bird toggle to investigate with little hands.

The rabbit and green rattles were favourites as the parts were movable so that we could find different ways to create noise. The rabbit actually became part of a puppet show in our house! These are much more than musical instruments and can really stretch the imagination.

The noises created felt more natural and, from a parent’s point of view, tolerable than the plastic and metal madness. A much nicer sound!

A huge plus for this product is the lack of plastic, from the point of view of a parent who is fed up with plastic and also from the environmental perspective. The price point of £14.99 is fantastic for the quality, and this would make a good present for any inquisitive or noisy toddler.

I must comment on the packaging; it could not have been packed more securely. Whilst it took a degree of effort to open this is preferable to receiving a battered box, so full marks on the customer service.

The suggested age for the product is 18 months plus and this is a perfect toy for a curious toddler. I just wish that the set included a toy with a stick to bang or scrape an instrument, to make it feel like a more complete set. For this reason, I would deduct just half a point and award this product 4.5 out of 5.

A gorgeous quality toy!

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £14.99

For more information or to buy visit www.hippychick.com.

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