Hobbycraft Pop Chef Review


Reviewed by Angela Smith

We were delighted to have been chosen to test this product as my daughter had been asking for one for weeks.

The box is bright, colourful and very exciting with pictures of many ideas you can try (that we are working our way through). The product was easy to get out of the box and came with a wonderful instruction and recipe guide, that was easy to follow. It comes with 6 exciting shapes that appeal to both boys and girls. My 6 year old daughter quickly claimed the heart, flower and butterfly and my 4 year old son was just as quick to grab the circle, sun and star (with no arguing but he did wish there was a car), you also get the airbulb, cap and stem (that pushes the food out of the shape cutters), a dislodging tool and skewers to make lots of yummy and interesting food items with.

The children got started straight away grabbing anything they could find in the fridge and cupboards they thought we could use, whilst I put the pop chef together, with ease might I add as all items just twist together nicely.

The instructions recommend food to be no more than 2.5cm, so I then began preparing the items they had chosen (this is a little time consuming and my little ones became restless and bored, I would recommend doing this before getting the children involved) but once all the prep is done the fun can begin.

My daughter first and she found the pop chef super easy to use and was a wizz at it straight away, changing shapes and making fruit kebabs with ease. On a few occasions the food got a little stuck but 1 or 2 more pushes and it was out (this was on slightly bigger pieces, so size does matter).

My little man on the other hand has really small hands and struggled to use the airbulb, but this didn’t stop him from getting on with it with just a little help from me to push the food out of the cutting tool.


We spent a good few hours making fruit kebabs, lollies, sandwiches, cake shapes, shapes for dips etc… There is now very little in my cupboards or fridge but we had a wonderful picnic, that we’d had lots of fun making. I need to go shopping for more supplies as tomorrow we are cake decorating. For me this has been a wonderful way to bring siblings together to have fun and explore new foods in a fun way, but I can see this product to be of great use in all kitchens.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £10

Available to buy from www.hobbycraft.co.uk.

4 Star

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