How Shopping Around Leads to Savings

In the fast-paced world that we live in it can be easy to buy things without thinking. In the pursuit of speed and convenience, we may not feel as though we have time to conduct the research required to find the best price for the things that we need.

The good news is that comparison shopping doesn’t need to take long at all. There are a number of digital tools available that can help you get the best deal in the quickest time. So there’s never a reason why should be paying more than you have to.

Online sales

Sometimes getting the best price is not necessarily about where you buy, but when. Online price trackers are a great way of ensuring that you pay the best possible price, providing you don’t need a purchase straight away.

There are a number of different outlets available, with some focusing on specific online retailers like camelcamelcamel and others working across multiple sites. By keeping track of how the price changes over time, it becomes easier to identify when you’re getting a good deal and when you’re being shafted. Many price trackers also come with email alerts letting you know when prices fall.

Supermarket groceries

For grocery shopping, or any purchase that is more likely to be made in-person rather than online, a mobile app is usually more helpful for comparing prices. Fortunately, applications are available that let you input your shopping list and compare prices from a wide range of stores.

Although you might not feel as though saving a few pence on your weekly loaf of bread matters all that much, when you combine your grocery savings over a long period of time, it can add up to a significant sum. For example, the mySupermarket app claims that users save 30 per cent on average on each shop.


Insurance is one of those purchases that you only appreciate when you need it. The rest of the year it’s easy to forget about your premiums. However, when the time to renew rolls around, make sure that you don’t stick with your usual provider just to save some hassle.

Instead, insurance comparison firms like Money Expert can give you a quick quote by evaluating a broad range of providers. All you have to do is enter a few details, compare the deals being offered to you and choose whichever one best fits your needs. In addition, some insurance comparison sites will offer you cashback to purchase your cover through them.

Switching utilities

Did you know that your utility provider may be taking advantage of your loyalty and making you pay more than you need to? Using comparison tools to source the best price on your gas and electricity is straightforward and, in the vast majority of cases, changing your supplier is a quick and stress-free process.

If you really do not want to switch, however, you could still nab yourself a better deal. If you contact your supplier armed with the knowledge of a cheaper price elsewhere and say that you are thinking of switching, they will usually offer you a better deal rather than see you move to a competitor.

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