How to declutter your home

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As summer is knocking on our doors, many people take the opportunity to clean out their house and declutter their entire home. We asked the cleaners in our Helpling-app for advise; what is it that they believe you should do. These are the answers we got.

Whether you like it or not: over time every home will end up having items stored somewhere that can actually be considered as ‘clutter’. The months prior to summer are a good time to clean the house out. Here are some tips to enjoy a clutter-free home during the summer and autumn.

  1. Remove any clothing item that you haven’t worn for the past two years to free up space in your cupboard.
  2. Apply the same rule with the toys your kids are playing with. Ask them which items they no longer play with.
  3. Check the kitchen cupboards for any items that are past the shelf-life.
  4. Go through your photo-frames; is it really necessary to keep them or have people fallen away?
  5. Store any item that you no longer need downstairs but also don’t want to through away, in a box. Clearly mark the box by writing the date on it. Put the box in the garage. If it is still there two years from now, move it to the dumb straight away.
  6. Replace damaged or worn out furniture. Sure, this will cost you some money but you are allowed to re-do your house every so often.
  7. Place some nice looking boxes strategically through the house. Any loose items that you need regularly should be kept in these boxes. You will still have them close-by but they will be out of sight.
  8. Empty every drawer in the house and repack it. Put items aside that you no longer need and see if you can reduce the number of drawers with items in it.
  9. Remove any magazine or newspaper older than one month from the toilet, bathroom or living room and replace them by more recent editions. Old magazines are dirty, don’t look nice and certainly contain information that is outdated.
  10. Use a list of rooms and work accordingly when going through your house to declutter it. Start with the large rooms first and end up with the small ones.

Once you have collected all items you want to dispose of consider how you can do that best. Either donate them to a charity, sell them or give them away.

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