How to Spend a Day Walking Around London

From Jack the Ripper walks to lavish museums and historic buildings that give you a glimpse of the past, London has plenty to offer everyone. London might not seem as big a tourist draw as other cities like Paris or New York but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty to see and do!

You can enjoy plenty of London’s best attractions without ever needing to ever use public transport or a car, although using the Underground is always a winner for many. Equally, spending a day walking around London is an exciting way to spend the day – especially when the weather isn’t too bad or there is plenty of events on to keep you entertained along the way like there always are at this time of year.

London has got plenty of history and it’s full of ghosts and ghouls and, let’s be honest, many young children are excited by the ghost stories! From exploring the mystery behind Jack the Ripper to taking a walking tour around the Tower of London, the UK capital as something for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to spend a walking trip around the city.

A Jack the Ripper Walking Tour 

When it comes to London mysteries, Jack the Ripper tours will always be the number one and people of all ages can experience an educational and enlightening walking tour that will take you back in time! Jack the Ripper walking tours are available all year round, but are particularly fun when Halloween is in the air!

So if you’re visiting the capital during October or even on Halloween itself then keep your eyes open for extra special Jack the Ripper walking tours! Professional Ripper experts will be sure to provide an entertaining guide for the tours and don’t worry if you’re going with children because there are earlier more family-friendly tours on offer as well.

Visit Hyde Park

Hyde Park is famous for a reason it’s one of the finest parks in the UK and there are plenty of things to see and do. There’s the Rose Garden, a range of sport and leisure facilities and even onsite cafes. You can also go on self-guided walking tours and there are also special wildlife tours held throughout the year, the Hyde Park bat tour is particularly popular.

Plus, if you’re lucky or you plan accordingly you might even be able to attend a special event like a music festival or mini theme park.

Visit The Tower of London

If a notorious serial killer is one of London’s most famous mysteries then the unusual events around the Tower of London have got to be a close second. The Tower of London’s bloody history is well known and there’s plenty to see and do there, too.

There’s a variety of walking tours that will take you around the tower, surrounding castles and even the infamous prison. You should also be sure to check out the famous Crown Jewels as well, historic and educational the Tower of London is a must-see place and make sure you pay a visit to the Ravens which live on the Tower grounds.

Hit The High-Street

If you want to take a break from investigating all things mysterious and spooky and are looking for a more quirky walking tours then why don’t you tour London’s famous high-street? There are plenty of amazing shopping malls and high-streets in London and no trip to London is complete without picking up a few souvenirs of your journey, is it?

Oxford Street, Kensington high-street, and Harrods are just three of the most popular places to shop but you’ll soon discover plenty more. London really does have something for everyone so no matter what you love shopping for you’ll be sure to find some great shops to explore.

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