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HushCush 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow Review

Reviewed by Kathryn Carr

This week I’ve been trying out the HushCush nursing pillow. I’ve always used a ‘wrap-around’ style cushion so was intrigued to try this different style.

The HushCush is designed to slide onto your forearm and allow you to reach for your baby. It’s certainly easy to get you both instantly comfortable with minimum faff, plumping and rearranging. The HushCush is soft, snuggly, secure and supports baby well, helping get them into the best position for breastfeeding. The cushion was designed by a mum and the idea developed alongside breastfeeding experts. It helps keep baby’s head, neck and spine in alignment to encourage a good latch and supports the natural tummy to tummy positioning. Breastfeeding can be difficult and from personal experience, I’d certainly put a nursing pillow on my list of must-haves for new mums. The HushCush has proved very successful in ensuring happy feeds for my daughter (it’s ergonomically designed to aid baby’s digestion), with it also relieving the strain on my back, neck and shoulders that I’ve noticed crops up when I don’t use a cushion.

For me, the main benefit of a nursing pillow of this style, is the ease of transferring a sleeping baby into her cot; her head slides gently off the HushCush rather than me having to peel a sweaty head off my arm and unintentionally wake a tired baby. The slight disadvantage is that once your arm is encased in the HushCush it becomes pretty much unusable. If baby’s going to be sleeping on your knee for any length of time this can be a slight issue; you do have a little more freedom with a wrap-around pillow from which you can manoeuvre your arm. Nevertheless, if an easy transfer from lap to cot is your goal, then the HushCush is ideal. I found naptimes and bedtimes to be much smoother, slicker and faster when I used this pillow and that’s a HUGE plus.

Another benefit of the HushCush is its size. Countless times I’ve found myself sat in a restaurant, playgym or even at a friend’s house with an achy back, wishing I had my nursing pillow with me. The HushCush is much more compact and portable than any other nursing pillow I’ve seen. It’s small enough to take out with you (and even comes with a handy strap for clipping it onto your pram) and once it’s in use, it’s barely noticeable. You won’t be ‘that mad woman who carries a cushion with her everywhere!’

Alongside breastfeeding, we’ve just started our daughter on a bottle, so I can have a break and my other half can bond over a feed. The HushCush is a one-size fits all design, so her dad and I can use it interchangeably. It works just as well at providing support whilst bottle-feeding as it does breastfeeding. My partner uses it most when I’m not around so it’s an added bonus that it’s been designed to help retain mum’s scent (I use it the most), helping baby who’s used to feeding with mum, settle in a familiar and comfortable environment.

The versatility doesn’t stop there; it’s a 4-in-1 nursing cushion, meaning it can also be used during pregnancy as a pillow for lower back support and is also an ideal travel pillow for toddlers. My two-year old has found it hilarious that she’s been able to use it as well as me. It has definitely come in at nap times and she’s even found a fifth use for it. Who knew the HushCush made such a brilliant ‘bandage’ for little one’s ‘broken’ leg?

The fact that the HushCush can be used throughout pregnancy, primarily to assist feeding and also as a toddler sleep tool, makes it a real investment and excellent value for money. You also can’t put a price on any item that helps get baby down for the night. If you’re heading to a baby shower, I’d definitely consider a HushCush as a gift. It’s both practical and thoughtful. All in all, the HushCush is extremely handy and helpful and I for one, wouldn’t be without mine.

The HushCush can be bought in blue or cream and you can use it with or without an outer cover which comes in a blue star or strawberry design. I’d recommend purchasing an outer cover as not only do they make the cushions look a little prettier, they can be washed (unlike the actual inner pad) and you’re going to need to do that!

Rating: 4.5/5

The Hush Cush is available to buy from and is priced at £29. An outer cover costs £5.50.

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