Intempo Tailgate Music Speaker Review

Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I recently received the new Tailgate Music Speaker in black from Intempo to review and my family, including the 3 year old twins love it!

At first glance this speaker looks like a trolley case (measuring 28L x 22W x 47H cm) with two wheels on the base and its extendable handle but rest assured it is a speaker and more for on the go!

This speaker is very portable and is perfect for garden parties, BBQ’s or even taking to the beach! IT has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 hours and has plenty of ways to connect to an audio device such as an MP3 player, tablet or phone with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and a TF card, SD card slot and AUX-in socket. As it is also supplied with a microphone it is also perfect for karaoke. It also has a 5 band LED graphic equalizer to control Bass, Treble etc… so you can get your sound just how you like it.

It’s so easy to use and the sound is great from the 15w speaker and more than loud enough for a garden party (although at this time of year I won’t be have many of them) and my children love singing into the microphone, you can even download a karaoke app Sync & Sing!

Another fantastic feature that I haven’t tried is that you can plug a guitar into it!

This is a must have for any music fan that wants a more powerful speaker that the smaller portable speakers on the market that probably only offering a third of the 15w output.

The wheels and the handle make it very easy to move around and position for the best sound and with no cables to worry about tripping over in definitely makes for the ultimate garden party speaker.

I have used it by plugging in an MP3 player into the USB port and letting it run thorough the playlist but my favourite option is connecting via Bluetooth and my Smartphone so I have control of my track list and can easily skip songs without having to go over to the speaker, I have become a DJ that doesn’t even have to be in the room (although you are limited to the range of the Bluetooth of about 10m/33ft).


A great piece of kit for party people on the move, garden parties and BBQ’s with plenty of connectivity options so you can always have sound no matter what device you decide on using.

The only confusing thing I must mention is that some places advertise it as 400w – this is the total power output, the sound output is actually 15w.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £149.99

Available to buy from Intempo here.


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