Jago by Keith Austin Review

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

Jago tells the story of Demelza Cotton and Jago Quinn in London’s old Nichol Slum and their encounters with many strange and wonderful creatures and people. They meet a beautiful lizard that they fall in love with but also catch the attention of the evil Cray Twins.

I loved this story, I loved how real it felt as they search for their beloved creature that is stolen from them whilst trying to outwit the vicious Cray Twins, you find yourself really rooting for them to win! I was able to build images in my head as the story progressed and could really imagine the things happening, even though the story line is far from something that would really happen.

You will be both terrified and aching for more as you read this story, willing our character’s on and wishing for a happy ever after, it makes you feel like you are in the heart of the East End even if you have never visited or experienced it, it takes you back to a time of dirt and grit and love.

My favourite character was Adamina Wollondily, I don’t want to say much about her but she isn’t all that meets the eye and as she seems, this book is beautifully written and heart stopping at times, the ending is remarkable.

This book is aimed at young adults but I am way past this targeted age range and I found it compelling and much more engaging then a lot of adult books I have read but I do feel young adults will be impressed, also.

Well worth the money and the cover photo is very inviting in a sinister twisted way, works well for the book! Keith Austin is the author of two other books Snow, White and Grymm and I have added these to my book list already!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99 (paperback), £7.51 (Kindle)

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