Jamie – iMagician at The Studio Bradford Review

12 February 2015

Reviewed by Louise Totton

We were initially expecting to see Jamie iMagician at the larger St. Georges Hall venue, but were informed the day before that the show had been moved to the smaller venue of The Studio at The Alhambra.

My husband was not keen to go -apparently he doesn’t find magic or illusions remotely entertaining. But I needed a lift, so along he came.

We parked at the NCP car park very close to The Alhambra, and walked the 3 or so minutes to the theatre. The studio is a small theatre within The Alhambra, and was really well signposted from the main theatre.

The venue certain had a small and intimate feel – there were no allocated seats, so because we were there early, managed to sit very close to the front. Although even at the back, no one was far from the action.

The premise of the show was the evolution of magic, and it really told the story of how magic had evolved and how famous illusionists and magicians had influenced modern magic.

Jamie was entertaining and engaging from the moment he set foot on stage. He started out demonstrating old fashioned magic – I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil it for anyone who wants to go, but from the very start, the audience were rapt.

He had live cameras and big screens set up so the audience could see what he was doing, and he was quite simply an absolute master of his craft. Throughout the show, he invited audience members to participate and check what he was doing. The small and intimate nature of the venue really helped to draw the crowd into the performance and feel a part of it all.

The show was a mixture of old magic, old magic with a twist and some fantastic work using smartphones, iPads and social media that got the whole audience involved.

The show culminated with quite possibly the most impressive live performance I have ever seen – as homage to the great Houdini. It would have been worth the ticket price just to see that!

Most impressively, my husband, who was not remotely interested in going, was drawn in and amazed from the very beginning. He thoroughly enjoyed the performance – as much as I did. The audience ranged from the very young (I’d  guess 7+), all the way up to people in their 80s. And everyone was as amazed and impressed as each other.

We had a totally fantastic evening, entertaining from the very start and the whole evening flew by. I would absolutely love to see Jamie Allan again, and would love to take my daughter along next time.

Fantastic – if you get chance, you have to see him.

Rating: 5/5

Jamie Allen is currently on tour with iMagician, for more information and tour dates visit www.imagicianlive.com.

The Studio, Morley Street, Bradford, BD7 1AJ | Box Office 01274 432000


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