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TidloGarage1Tidlo Garage

Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

My little boy is 3 and he has always wanted a garage to use with his car play mat, this morning I opened the package for the John Crane Tidlo Garage and was delighted by the well packaged product inside, each piece was delicately wrapped and kept lovely and safe from damage. I had to build the garage, which took me about 25 minutes whilst trying to fend off the baby, who was stealing the parts and cars. Once assembled, this garage looks amazing and is really sturdy and well designed. My son, who is 3, immediately started cranking the lift up and down, I guess boys have an in-built know how for playing with garages and cars!

The garage is a really great size, unlike other garages that can be purchased, it is a lot stronger and more resilient, partly because it is not too big, which makes it sturdier. Also, given that it’s a neat size, I can fit it into an IKEA storage unit and tidy it up for easy reach and use next play time. My friend has one that is bigger and she struggles to find an away place for it, plus my son stood on it and it gave way, so not so sturdy. Don’t get me wrong, my son isn’t a bruiser, but he can weed out the well-made toys from the cheap and useless ones. The John Crane Garage definitely comes under well-built and can withstand my sons rather less than gentle nature. I would highly recommend this product, not just for the gentle toddler, but also for the one used to nursery toys and who might sometimes forget himself at home!


The cars that come with the garage are really lovely and quite robust, withstanding some good chomping from my youngest child, the toys are nicely painted wooden cars and garage parts, with bold colours that can aid in teaching your toddler how to recognise different colours. I think we’ll be using this garage for many years to come, might have to buy one for my friend too, given that my little monster trashed her less than adequate one.


There’s a little leaflet that comes in the package that shows other John Crane products and they all look really lovely, I will definitely be visiting the online store and buying some of these as Christmas approaches. These are not the cheapest toys you can find, but they do provide excellent value for money in quality and sturdiness, so value for money in the long run I think! Brilliant gifts for both girls and boys!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £39.99

Suitable age: 3 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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