Joshua and The Magical Unicorn Book by Jenny Ford Review


Reviewed by Debbie Talbot

I love children’s books and watching the look on my six-year-old twins faces when they are discovering the wonders of the latest book they are reading. I was therefore delighted to receive two books to review. Both were Joshua and The Magical Unicorn Book by Jenny Ford, illustrated by Caroline Evans. Why two versions of the same book? One is a dyslexia friendly version of the book.

The non-dyslexia friendly version of the book

The book has a stunning front and back cover, which has a beautiful unicorn on it. The books even come with a bookmark. My boys love popping a bookmark into their longer reading books so that they can find where they were when they next read it. The book has 50+ pages of content and then approximately 20 pages where you can make up your own story. The text and pictures within the book are black and white. The text is a good size, ideal for young readers. This book would last for a good few bedtimes and is perfect for your child to read aloud or read to themselves. If your children like mine, love making up their own stories, then the ruled out 20 or so pages at the back of the book would be perfect for them. The pictures are black and white to encourage children to colour them in.

The dyslexia friendly version

The pages are cream, and a large sans-serif font has been used, the text is left aligned. Also, there are no words written in capital letters or italics. I am told that these help the words stop jumping around the page. This also comes with a handy bookmark. This version of the book has a page saying who the book belongs to, which your child can fill in with their name. The story is different to the other version of the book. The pictures are black and white to encourage children to colour them in.

Whilst I do not want to spoil the story, it really is a lovely story about a boy that loves everything about unicorns and his surprise when one is standing by his bed.

At £7.99 is a reasonable price for such a lovely book. These books would make a perfect Christmas present.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.99

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