Keeping Your Home Secure and Keeping Burglars Out

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With burglary rates increasing in the UK (the Office for National Statistics (ONS) report a 9% increase on reported burglaries – figures as of December 2017) there has never been a better time to start thinking about protecting your home or business premises against theft from break-ins . Here are a few tips to help you on your way and hopefully help secure some of your precious items.

Always Lock Up

When going out or going to bed make sure that your doors and windows are securely locked. If you have locks fitted to your windows make sure that you use them (make sure the key is accessible in case of a fire and you need to open them). An open window is an invitation to a burglar and much less risk than trying to force open a door or window. A locksmith can give some great advice on the best types of locks to use.

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Don’t leave a spare key under a flower pot on near the home – leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour if possible. A thief will always look for a spare key near the property, making their task so much easier.

If you have glass panels in your door, consider changing it to laminated glass as this is much harder to break or buy a film from a DIY store to cover the glass that again will make it much harder to break.

Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential – inside and out! Fit external lighting so your doorways and windows are well lit at night, ensuring that any potential thieves can be seen and not hidden in darkness. With internal lighting use a light switch timer to turn lights on and off at different times – don’t have them coming on at the same time every day and the routine will become predictable, and have different room lights come on at different times.

Invest in a Safe

For those important documents, small valuable items such as jewellery or cash or even your laptop, invest in a safe (for added security make sure its fireproof). These can be bolted to the floor or wall in a cupboard and opened electronically or with a key (never leave the key in an obvious place). A burglar wants to get in and out quickly so isn’t going to waste too much time trying to open a securely fitted safe.

Record Intruders with CCTV or Internal Wi-fi Security Camera

CCTV is everywhere these days and is relatively inexpensive to install and is a great addition to any home or premises. You can also get internal wi-fi network security cameras that not only record inside your house when motion is detected but can send push notifications to you phone so that you can watch in real time or record for later use. Some even feature audio so you can hear what is being said and some even feature talk back so that the intruder can hear you informing them that they are being monitored and the police have been informed.

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Invest in a Security Alarm

Fit a security alarm to your premises. While it won’t prevent burglars entering your home, this along with other preventative measures is great deterrent. Verisure Smart Alarms offer some great products to help protect your home or business. Their alarms are connected to their Alarm Receiving Centre, where a team of specialised professionals work every day to ensure your protection.

Join a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is a partnership between home owners, businesses and police to help keep properties and communities safer.

Make Sure You’re Adequately Insured

Make sure that your insurance is up to date. Home insurance covers more than just lost belongings but can fix any damage and change locks as well as replacing stolen items.

Mark your property with your postcode and register with Immobile – the UK national property register. In the event anything has been stolen and recovered there is a very good chance of getting your item(s) back.

Don’t Leave Post on Show

Don’t leave post mounting up when away – ensure a trusted friend, neighbour or family member can regularly pop in in and pick up your post. Alternatively, you can register with Royal Mail Keepsafe – this lets Royal Mail hold onto your post while you are away and delivers it all upon your return. Cancel any newspaper and milk deliveries.

And finally…

Don’t stick to same routines – vary your routine whenever possible so any would-be thieves can’t determine when you leave and return home, thus making it much more difficult to know when you home will be empty.

Use timers on more than just your lights – maybe have one on a radio or the television to come on at random times. This will give the appearance that someone is home and make your property less of a target for a thief.

The Police have some good information on their websites to help with home security measures so take a look and make your home as secure as possible.

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