Kiddimoto Union Jack Kurve Balance Bike Review


KiddimotoUnionJack1Kurve Balance Bike
Union Jack

Reviewed by Rachel Cassey-Holland

“Wow – COOOOL!” was the immediate response from my two boys aged 5 and 4 when we opened the box to reveal the Kiddimoto Kurve balance bike.

Initially I requested a different design but we ended up with the Union Jack. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, especially as I have an Irish husband(!), but my fears were allayed as soon as I saw the bike. It is, indeed, very cool.

We didn’t need to construct the bike ourselves because it arrived readymade, but it looks like it would be relatively easy to do if needed. It is very attractive, exceptionally sturdy and well built – the wood used is apparently sourced from managed forests, which certainly makes me feel even more enamoured with it. The website also states that the bike is completely recyclable, however there is no chance this bike will ever be recycled in this household!

The saddle is nicely cushioned and soft for added protection when heading over bumps. There are three holes for adjusting the height of the seat and the handlebars have excellent grips on them.


So we put the bike to the test – a bumpy woodland path of a mile long was a good place to start and my slightly above average size five year old gave this balance bike a run for its money. I’m really pleased to say that this bike really stood up to the test. The chunky tyres really held up well and cushioned any bumps and my son got up to an amazing speed. The bike is also very easy to carry – it could be ridden to school and easily carried home again!

All in all we absolutely love this bike. It’s a real confidence giver. It’s definitely a much superior quality and design to our original balance bike. Five stars all round and a big thank you from two boys who have loved every moment of trying this bike out.


Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £64.99

Available to buy from Kiddimoto here.


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