Kidz Gear Headset Review

Reviewed by A. Ashworth

I was absolutely delighted to be asked to test and review the Kidz Gear kids headphones with my 5 year old granddaughter. We often struggle with using media, such as iPads, laptops and portable DVD players with her because she is mostly deaf in both ears, and her hearing aids make in-the-ear earphones impossible. We have tried a couple of different pairs of over-the-ear headphones with her, but they haven’t sat over her aids very successfully and she’s found them rather uncomfortable. Because her hearing aids don’t replicate ‘normal’ hearing perfectly, we’ve found that many headphones that don’t have great sound quality just don’t work for her.

When the headset arrived, we were first of all impressed by the packaging. They arrived in a sturdy, attractive box with the product clearly visible through a plastic window. The headphones were safely stowed inside, and they were easy enough to remove from the packaging. They came with a padded storage bag as well as a splitter, so that two children could share the same audio source.

My granddaughter’s first impressions were absolute delight at the lovely bright pink colour of the headphones. She was really keen to plug them into her iPad and test drive them. My first impressions were that the headphones felt to be excellent quality and solidly constructed. They are adjustable for almost any head size (they fitted me as well as my 2 and 5 year old granddaughters).

The speakers where the sound comes out from are on an almost infinitely adjustable pivot, which meant they were comfortable for whoever was wearing them. They were fantastically padded too, meaning that not only were they really comfortable, they cancelled out background noise also, allowing my granddaughter to give the film she was watching her full attention.

They fitted fantastically well over her hearing aids, and for the first time in an awful long time, she was able to fully enjoy using her iPad without the rest of the household being subjected to the sound.

The ear phones also have a kid’s volume limiter on them, which means that they can’t turn the sound up TOO loud and damage their ears. All of the adults in the house tried the earphones too, and we all agreed that the sound quality is absolutely top notch. I know this is not always the case with products aimed specifically at kids, so we were really impressed by this. Even with the sound turned right up, there was no crackling or audio disturbance.

The version that we had also had a microphone / boom attached to the headset. We haven’t managed to find a use for this yet, although I’m sure that’s much more down to the limited range of apps that we have installed on her iPad. I’m am utterly confident, however, that they will be equally as excellent. My granddaughter was really engaged by them, and decided they made her into a space rocket captain.

The bag that came with them is great. It means we can carry the headphones with us if we want to take them anywhere and they don’t get damaged. Everything about this product really is top quality; the construction, the sound and the look of it. When the iPad comes out, my granddaughter immediately wants these out to go with it. Very impressive.

I would absolutely recommend these to any parent. They are available both with and without the microphone boom, and I think both options represent excellent value for money.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £19.99 (without microphone), £29.99 (with microphone)

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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