Lava Shells ‘Spa-At-Home’ Massage Kit Review


Reviewed by Zoey Caldwell

Many years ago, I qualified as a beauty therapist but have never worked in the industry. However, this has not stopped me being fascinated by new products and treatments that are introduced to the market.

Whilst I was training, one of my favourite treatments was to give and receive a massage. I am extremely tactile and find massage an amazing release of tensions and stresses. I am a working mother of two that is in year two of a university degree, I have neither the time or the money to indulge in salon visits so when the opportunity arose to try the self-heating lava shell, I jumped at the chance.

The kit includes: 1x Porcelain Lava Shell, 4x Lava Gel Sachets, 4 x Lava Activators and 4x 30ml kokolokahi Body & Bath Oils, all presented in a natural woven bag.

The kit was a lot more compact than I had envisioned but is neatly contained in a natural woven bag with a pretty pink embroidered pattern. I had no idea what the shell massage would entail, and I thought I would have to use a microwave to heat the shell, in a similar way that I would heat a wheat bag. How wrong I was, and how amazed I was. My children read the extremely easy to follow instructions out to me and we waited the ten minutes for it to activate.

It literally was like magic. When we went back to the shell it was so lusciously warm. We could not wait to try it; the shell can be used over clothing and that is how we used it. The kit comes complete with four body and bath oils to use when massaging directly onto the skin – I would save this type of massage for my partner or friends.

I used the shell on my 13-year-old sons back and shoulders. He regularly complains of sore shoulders from carrying around a big school bag – he is right to complain as using the shell I discovered several knots in his shoulders. The shells ergonomic design allows you to use it to increase the pressure on the knots.

I adored the shell, I love warmth and cosiness and using the shell to massage my shoulders was very comforting. I cannot wait to be able to use the shell with my partner and experience a full back massage using the oils. I am a huge fan of lavender and will definitely be having the oil burner on, lights dimmed and be ready to feel totally relaxed and refreshed.

The shell stayed warm for a very long time, a full body massage could comfortably be given, and it will still be warm.

The product is extremely easy to clean and keep hygienic. A refill pack (RRP: £24) can be purchased that contains the Lava Shell Gel Sachet and the Lava Gel Activator.

This is an amazing gift for a loved one or a friend. The shells are available from and at the moment they are offering free postage in the UK and Ireland.

I adore this and cannot wait to use it again, a clear 5/5 from me.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £49

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