LeapFrog Play & Discover School Set Review


Reviewed by David Savage

I was sent the LeapFrog Play & Discover School Set to review which I tried out with my 3 year old niece over the weekend. She has just started nursery (although she insists its school and not nursery) one day a week and goes full time after Christmas so this fun, interactive and educational toy is a great way to get her used to school routines as well as listening and comprehension skills.

On opening the box there was the school, detachable slide, 3 play characters and table. Removing the contents was very easy with no need for scissors and very minimal assembly was required, just attach the slide, place the table and insert the batteries (3x AA Batteries under a screwed in panel so children cannot remove). To start to play and learn slide the switch on the bottom of the school to low or high volume and place one of the three learning friends (Tiger, Turtle or Monkey) in the blue circle in front of the teacher.

The school is very colourful and features the letters of the alphabet (in lower case letters) along the top of the school. Ms Giraffe is the teacher and stands in front of the activity board that has five different activities: Greetings: Greetings, Story Time, Break Time, Sharing Time and Free Play. Ms Giraffe slides (by pushing) to the activity that is required. The set even has a handle at the top so can be moved very easily and the classroom door opens and closes.


Each learning friend character has their own personality and gives different ways to play with over 70 stories, songs and phrases.

On break times the learning friends can slide down the slide or have a spin on the moving roundabout.


Overall this is an excellent learning toy that my niece loves. The learning friends even get put to bed in her dolls cot after her play school session has ended. As well as encouraging the pretend play and imagination she does also listen to the teachers instructions and follow what she is being told, so as far and listening and comprehending what Ms Giraffe is telling her it works a treat.

A bonus video is also available to view online and we watched Fox and Penguin Take Turns which encourages sharing.

An excellent learning toy that children will love, my niece has been playing with it every day (thankfully there are 2 volume settings). And all the voices have a British rather than American accent.

Another great educational toy from LeapFrog and well worth the £24.99 price tag.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £24.99

Suitable age: 2-5 years

Available to buy from the www.leapfrog.co.uk.


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