Lexicon-GO! Review


Reviewed by Amy Adeliyi

What a fantastic educational game. This really brought out the competitive side in my children and a little bit from me too! The game is suitable for 2-4 players and is recommended for age 8+.

We started off with the standard game – Lexicon-GO!, so that we could all get a feel of what the rules were and warm up, we quickly moved on to the scoring version – Original (Master) LEXICON and all preferred the rules on this game.

I have to say its great for building children’s vocabulary and confidence with spelling, with both of my boys trying to beat each other with longer more complicated words. We definitely got faster as we played more rounds, gathering momentum and confidence in the words chosen.

The game is perfect to take out and about on journeys and trips away, with its compact carry case shaped like an L. The carry case is a bright red colour and made from sturdy material and with a zip to keep the tiles safely inside. The game consists of 52 playing card tiles – similar in size and feel to domino pieces. The pieces were a good size for both myself and my children to handle and could envisage playing the game on a train journey without difficulty.

The object of Lexicon-GO! is to use all of your tiles to create words before your opponents. You begin by laying the tiles face down and each player then choosing 10 tiles. Each player then needs to use their tiles to create words, they can also swap tiles and add to their opponents words. The winner is the first to take 5 rounds. This was slightly harder for my 8 year old son as he took a little longer to think of words and so the speed of his 9 year old brother often beat him to it.

We then moved on to the ORIGINAL (MASTER) LEXICON game. The object of the game was similar, to be the first to use up all your letter tiles, however if you had any left over once an opponent had won you then added the points on your remaining tiles and they were then held against you. The first to 100 points was the loser. The difference in this version was that you took it in turns so therefore speed wasn’t such an issue in this game. This made it a fairer playing field if you have younger children playing.

This is a great family game and would be ideal around Christmas time to bring everyone together. Equally the size is nicely compact to fit in stockings for those additional stocking fillers.

A great 5* rating from us.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £9.99

Available to buy from winningmoves.co.uk.

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