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LighterLifeLighterLife 5:2 Fast
Bars and Shakes

Reviewed by Jat Shah

I collected the delivery of my LighterLife 5:2 fast bars and shakes from the post office, since I was out when it was delivered and the box was too big to go through my letter box.

The overall box was well packaged with a couple of air bags so that the 3 individual boxes of items inside do not shake about and get damaged during the transport. I was delighted to find one box of 4 nutritious strawberry flavoured shakes, one box of 4 nutritious crispy peanut flavoured bars and one box of 4 nutritious cranberry & raspberry flavoured bars inside. The boxes are colourful and very eye catching and have all the nutrition information clearly displayed on them.

The cereal bars have very high soya content and are great source of protein and fibre. Each bar within the box is wrapped with plain silver foil for freshness and you can smell the berries or peanut as soon as you open one. They taste like crispy cereal bars and are very filling with each bar being 50g in weight. Blending 220ml of water with the powder provided in a plain white packet, creates one of the tastiest shakes I have ever tried. The shake is thick, creamy and full of strawberry flavour. Personally for me 220ml of liquid is not filling enough but this may not be an issue with some of the serious dieters. I would have preferred the individual bars and shakes to also have colourful wrapper with all the eye catching information that the boxes have.

The idea behind the light life range is to eat as normal for 5 days and fast for 2 days of the week. On a fast day you can have four of the LighterLife fast packs in any combination, meaning 4 bars in a day if you prefer, or 2 bars and 2 shakes, or any other combination. A leaflet that came along with these packs described how they have recently added spaghetti bolognese and nut fudge bars to the range. That is great news because personally for me, it would be very hard to eat/drink just shakes and bars and not have a hot meal for 2 days a week.

Since receiving these packs, and although it is too soon to measure the results, I have felt lighter, fresher and more energetic the following day. I would consider using them as part of my diet for an extended period of time if they add more hot meals to the currently available range.

Any combination of 4 packs of lighter life fast packs contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals with plenty of protein and fibre, which is really reassuring. This is an innovative fasting plan with no cooking, calorie counting or any fuss for the 2 fast days a week whilst letting you continue to eat normally for the other 5. Being so convenient to use, I can see why people would choose these shakes and bars as part of their weekly diet.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Superdrug in-store or online here.

4 Star

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