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LQJointCareLQ Joint Care

Reviewed by Sarah-Kate Cantlie

Currently I’m trying out Liquid Health LQ Joint Care, having suffered with knee joint pain for quite some time now; I have tried a variety of vitamin and oil supplements along the way with limited success, the most effective relief so far to be ibuprofen. Loathed to taking Ibuprofen, which is disagreeable on an empty stomach, it is highly desirable to be able to supplement the diet with something that is effective at helping the problem, rather than hiding it.

The pack of LQ Joint Care comes with 10 small bottles and they are a good couple of swigs each, with one to be taken daily as an addition to your daily routine, or as required if everyday use is not strictly necessary. Now, as far as the taste goes, it wasn’t unpleasant as some supplements can be, but it wasn’t a gin and slim either, but in two swigs, it doesn’t really matter what it tastes like if it helps keep the joints supple and pain free. With regards to the knees, the relief wasn’t instantaneous and it wasn’t until day 5 on the LQ Join Care that I truly felt the benefits, by day seven I felt that I had found a product that was indeed effective.

I do feel that joint pain is one of those ailments that there can often be no real reason for, so after being told there was no arthritis and no remedial drugs for it, I have felt a bit left out in the cold with my friend Ibuprofen. That is until day 5 on the Liquid Health LQ Joint Care. Having finished the pack, which was worth its weight in gold retailing at £24.99, I haven’t needed any more than 10, however, I now know exactly where I’ll be going if my old friend knee pain comes knocking. So whilst not instantaneous, this little gem really seems to work, so if in doubt, I would highly recommend, maybe have a pot of tea on the go too though.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £24.99 (10 x 50ml bottles)

Available to buy from Liquid Health here.

4 half Star

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