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Lovi @ Haberman 2 Phase Electronic Breast Pump Review

Reviewed by Emma Bradley

I have to admit before reviewing this product I wasn’t really aware of the Haberman brand so I was intrigued to see how it would compare to some of the more main stream brands I have tried previously. I expressed whilst breastfeeding my first son with a manual hand breast pump and have previously used an electric breast pump in hospital, I also hand express frequently so I have wide range of experience of different pumps which to compare this pump against. I am also a trained NCT breastfeeding peer supporter so I am always looking for products that I can recommend to other breastfeeding mums.

The first thing that struck me about this breast pump was that it was very well presented in a blue fabric carry case with strap. The design and logo on the carry case is very discreet which is a bonus as it’s unlikely to attract attention, it is also sufficiently robust that the pump and bottles inside are unlikely to get bashed about during transport. The inside of the bag is split into 5 convenient compartments which is plenty big enough to carry the pump, a bottle, the various bits to convert it to manual or electric and even a few breast pads. In the lid of the case is a pocket which contains a cardboard picture guide to help you assemble either the electric or manual pump should you need reminding.

I tried the electric pump option first and found it incredible easy to assemble following the instructions provided. I wanted the convenience of pumping away from a plug so I was pleased to see it could be operated using 4 AA batteries or the mains AC adapter. The unit itself is simple to use, it has two settings the first replicates the rapid initially sucking phase of a baby as it triggers the let down of milk and the second is more rhythmic to mimic the more settled stage of feeding, there is the option of increasing the pressure of the suction in both of these modes.

The pump itself was very comfortable when attached and I found it didn’t pinch like I have found other breast pumps to do. The initial rapid stage didn’t always trigger my let down very well, but this isn’t necessarily a reflection on the pump as it can very much depend on circumstances and feeling at the time of expressing. I did however find the second more rhythmic option very efficient for getting milk. The pump comes with a handy storage bottle in which to express into which holds around 5oz which is a good amount for transferring into a storage bag or bottle for feeding. The only observation I would make is that the pump can be quite noisy when at its highest settings, although I think this is comparable to other pumps I have used.

I found using the pump on manual mode very efficient indeed, in some ways I found it easier in manual mode to trigger my let down and felt more in control of rhythm. It was very simple to covert the pump from electric to manual and there is a quick review guide in the carry bag for reference. The pump is very simple to take apart for washing and sterilising and having taken it apart and fitted it back together a fair few times I was pleased that the rubber bits still fit well and have retained their shape well.

Overall I was really impressed with this pump, its compact enough that it could easily be transported around in its useful carry case or even put in changing bag buy itself, I found it comfortable and efficient to use and would feel happy recommending this to other mums. Following a recommendation from another What’s Good To Do reviewer I used this pump in conjunction with the Haberman Suckle Feeder which I realise isn’t part of this review but I was so impressed with this bottle for a breastfed baby I would also recommend it for use in conjunction with the pump. The pump also had some samples of Lovi disposable breast pads which I wore on several occasions, I found these to be very absorbent and comfortable to wear.

I would rate the Lovi @ Haberman 2 phase electronic breast pump 5 out of 5 stars and I will certainly be looking out for future products by this company, especially for the breastfed baby.


Set includes: Electric pump main unit, Expressing collection combo kit, Bottle adapter kit, AC adapter kit. AC adapter, Parts for manual expressing, Case and Spare parts.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £124

Available to buy from Haberman here.


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