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Lumosnap Neon Pink Flamingo Light Table Lamp Review

Reviewed by Julie Powell

The Lumosnap Neon Pink Flamingo Light Table Lamp is an absolutely stunning novelty mains powered lamp. It is perfect for any modern contemporary home, family room or teenager’s bedroom – so much so that all my teenage step-daughter’s friends want one too! It would also make a lovely gift for that quirky individual.

The product comes in a simple neat easy to open box – with a sleeve showing a coloured photo of the lamp and a brief description of the product. Upon opening the box, the lamp is very well padded and secured in polyester foam. It comes in 3 different parts with clear easy to follow instructions on how to assemble it which only takes a minute in order to do so, once it has been assembled all you need to then do is simply plug in switch on and away you go!

The shape of the flamingo is a very trendy and sleek design and the colour of the light when on is a very strong neon pink with a pale blue tipped beak which especially looks good in a darkened room when the light is off it is a cloudy white colour. The base of the lamp is a natural wood colour which I wasn’t so keen on as, to me, it looked a little unfinished. The main negative point for us it that the cable is only around 180 cm long so the lamp has to be positioned fairly near to a plug socket so that is something to bear in mind.

Overall, I would rate the lamp a 4 out of 5 as the actual flamingo once lit up does look amazing and definitely does feature as a focal point in our playroom and we look forward too many years of fun with it, but I am not really sure that it is worthy of the price tag that it comes with.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £50

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