Lush Emotional Brilliance Review


Lush Emotional Brilliance

Reviewed by Hollie Richardson

The beauty industry likes to dictate to us what products we should be using and what colours we should be choosing. Lush breaks away from this with their Emotional Brilliance range. Rather than telling us what colours are in fashion, they ask, ‘how are you feeling?’ and respond to our answers with a colour palette that conveys our mood.

If you click onto the Lush website you will be asked to spin a wheel. On this wheel are 30 different colours. When it stops spinning you are asked to pick out three colours that stand out to you. You are then presented with products matching the colours and the words they represent. The same method is used in store and will soon be available as an Android and I-phone app. Colour therapy made easy and much more fun than picking out the shade that the girl wears in the ad, right?

Whatever your mood, you won’t be able to help but feel good about the fact that all of the ingredients used are vegan friendly and that recycled materials are used to make the packaging. The packaging design is quite odd but that is what Lush is all about as a brand; being a bit different. It even tells you who has handmade the product. (Thanks Caroline!)

The first delight that Caroline has made for me is the Glamourous liquid lipstick. The smooth matte texture feels lovely and glides onto my lips easily.  The colour itself is not for me and I feel it embodies energy rather than glamour. The pinky purple shade would be better suited to a more daring person with an eccentric style. Blending it with a lip balm makes it more subtle whilst retaining its energetic kick of colour.

Next up is the Fantasy eyeliner. I am a big fan of liquid eyeliner and this one makes me very happy. The golden colour with a metallic finish is a fresh take on regular black liquid liner. I prefer to wear it with really neutral eye shadow, lipstick and blusher as it could look a little chaotic mixed with other bold colours on the face. Be sure to layer on the mascara thick to hide any liner that drops onto the tops of the lashes. If like me you find applying eyeliner quite tricky do not worry as this has a really good applicator brush that is easy to control. Through the day I apply a thin layer but at night a long thick curved line looks pretty amazing.

Lastly we have the Focus cream eyeshadow. Now, I am not normally a fan of cream eyeshadow because my experience of it has always left me with creased eyelids. Because the shade is so light, the creasing is not noticeable but I would be wary of the effects with other colours. The ice blue cream is not suited to my skin tone (light and freckly) but it would look really cool against dark skin for a bold statement look. Again, the application is easy and you can create different shapes, such as a cat eye, really well.

This is a refreshing beauty concept and after looking at the whole collection, there are lots of great shades to suit each and every person whilst projecting their emotions in a create way. I enjoyed playing the colour wheel but if it came to purchasing the product I would have to choose the colour for myself as I found two of the products I used just did not suit my skin tone. They are of good quality and are really easy to apply. The pots look great lined up next to each other on my beauty table too.

Lush is a great company and this range shows their creativity, passion and innovativeness at its best. Have fun with the colours, be autonomous, be bold!

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