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Today we have with us on the show Sheena Woods from Mabyland.  Can you tell us a little bit about your business please? 

Sure, my business I created about 3 years ago and we designed all the baby products with basically my motherhood experience.  So we do a lot of changing bags, baby carriers, things that will make a parents life easier.

Fantastic.  You literally use just your experience as a parent to do this?

Yes, I mean when I first started I was pregnant so I had a baby and then I had another baby within 18 months, so during those periods I was very lucky to be able to trial all my products with them, but also I meet a lot of other mums locally with ante-natal classes and so on, so we sort of have a local mummy focus group where we share our experiences.  So some of the new product range has actually been improved because of these experiences as well.

That is fantastic.  Can I ask you, is this what you have always done or did you do something else prior to what you do now?

No, this is completely different.  Before I did this I was working for Docklands Light Railway in East London and it is completely different.  I was in charge of performance management and I was an executive there.  It is just something that because I knew I was going to start a family, I just wanted to be with them as much as possible, so having my own business can actually allow me that flexibility and let me do that.

Sure, no that is understandable and it is actually the motivation behind a lot of people taking that leap.  Now, can I ask did you have massive set up costs when you started, or did you do it all bit by bit?

Well, sort of both I suppose.  I had to minimize a lot of costs so I did everything on my own but I did do a lot of research and just talking to people that I know as well, getting from networks and help and support really, and get it all started.  It was quite hard.

Sure.  Were there any particular resources that you found useful when you were starting out, that would possibly help other people?

Yes, I think Business Link is a very good website.  It is actually funded by the government so they have free open days where it would basically almost guide you through what are the essential parts of starting your own business, no matter whether it is finance, IT, web or anything like that and you can just ask them free advice.  I found that very helpful myself initially.

Great.  Obviously you sell on an e-commerce website don’t you.  Can you tell us your website address please?

It is

Thank you so much.  Now obviously it wouldn’t be right to let you go from your interview without asking what you like to do to relax and rewind?

I love to shop and I love the cinema so whenever I have a chance I will try and get out and meet up with my friends for the weekends and let my husband take care of the children for a few hours, and then I can just do things on my own.  That is really great.

Great.  Thank you so much for coming and talking to us today.  It has been brilliant.  Thank you.



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