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MattHatterMatt Hatter Chronicles
3D Puzzle 500 Pieces
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Reviewed by Sandra Mcghee

My 10 year old daughter received the 500 piece jigsaw to review. It had been some time since my daughter had completed a puzzle so this was welcomed with some enthusiasm especially as this wasn’t a normal puzzle, it came with 3D Multivision Visor so was slightly unusual than the average puzzle.

The first negative thing I noticed was nowhere on the box was an age guideline displayed which would be one of the first things I would look out for particularly if I was purchasing this puzzle as a present (however I remember the guideline was 7 upwards) if this is the case I think the age is too low as my daughter struggled and she is 10.  On a positive note the box was illustrated very colourfully animated displaying a young boy who is Matt Hatter (he is described as an ordinary boy with a huge family secret. The Hatter’s are guardians of a secret dimension known as Multiverse, the gateway to which is accessed through the Coronet Movie Theatre. Famous Super Villains from movies screened at the Coronoet have escaped into the Multiverse. It’s up to Matt Hatter to battle and capture these Super Villains and defeat evil Lord Tenoroc.

If you like a challenge then this puzzle is for you as I estimate the length of time my daughter with some assistance from her Dad, took I would imagine a good 5 to 6 hours to complete. The reason why it is so complex is that the various shades of blue look very similar in colour and these need to be put together first as are the border background. My daughter had lots of hours of fun completing this puzzle and really enjoyed putting together. The puzzle pieces are high quality durable pieces so it can be used over and over.


The finished puzzle features similar and exciting images for the world of Matt Hatter.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £14.99

Suitable age:  7 years +

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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