Monstersaurus at the Wycombe Swan Theatre Review


Swan Theatre, Wycombe

11 February 2017

Reviewed by Lacey Anning

My 2 year old daughter and I recently saw ‘Monstersaurus’ at the Wycombe Swan Theatre. Monstersaurus is the latest story from Claire Freedman, the creator of Aliens Love Underpants. Monstersaurus follows the life of Monty, a young inventor who comes up with some weird and wonderful inventions, that don’t always go to plan. In the show, we follow Monty as he uses a mix of disgusting and unusual items to create some rather wonderful and imaginative monsters! Monty only manages to do this when his mum is cleaning, or out of the house.

With the help of children in the audience, Monty creates two monsters. He is then worried how he will hide them from his mum, so creates a third monster with items that are left over in the audience. This is Monstersaurus, half monster and half dinosaur. They solve the problem of the extra monsters and then go on a little journey together.

There is a small cast of 3. Monty, his mum and Monstersaurus. All were believable in their roles, and likeable.

The show has a run time of 55 minutes so is ideal for young children who may have shorter attention spans. Unsurprisingly it does focus on some friendly monsters, and there were a few children who were a little unsure of this, however as there are plenty of songs and laughs, and audience participation is allowed, this helped to overcome the worry for most of them.

I would recommend Monstersaurus as it was fast paced, and most of the children (and parents!) were having a fantastic time. If you haven’t taken your child to a theatre show yet as you are worried they may get bored and fidget, then I highly recommend this show, as there is no opportunity for that to happen. The lights come on in the theatre when Monty is searching for items, so young children aren’t sat in darkness for the whole time which helps with their concentration.

I would certainly return to the Wycombe Swan Theatre. Staff were pleasant and helpful, and there is parking right next door to the theatre. The theatre itself appeared clean and was filled with excited children and their parents. The bar was open before the performance, serving hot and cold drinks, and popcorn and snacks for the show.  It is also possible to hire booster seats from the cloakroom for a small fee – ideal when you have a smaller child.

I would score Monstersaurus a 5/5 as it was fun, interactive and both parents and children seemed to enjoy themselves. I would score Wycombe Swan Theatre a 5/5 for a venue on this occasion as the seats were comfortable, staff were helpful and the facilities were clean.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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