More Clashing Than Eclectic: How to Pull Together an Incoherent Room

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When you look at eclectic decor schemes in magazines or on interior design blogs, they always look like everything has been placed just so. Even though every item is different, it all works together. But when you try to recreate the same effect, the reality isn’t always so coherent. Whether you’ve chosen to go eclectic or it has just happened through circumstance, tying it all together isn’t always as simple as you would hope. If a room in your home is looking like a bit of a disaster, you can still fix it and pull it off. Here’s what you can try to make everything make more sense.

Pick an Accent Colour

If one of the rooms in your home looks like a mess, you could bring it all together with the right colour. If you choose an accent colour, you can use it in small amounts throughout the room, and it will create a central theme. Even if you have lots of mismatched items, they should clash less when you have an accent colour to tie them together. You can add new items to the room with your accent colour, as well as add little details to the things you already have. Tie a ribbon around a vase or add a cushion to a sofa.

Get Some Custom Items Made

Sometimes, you might have an idea of what could help to bring everything together, but you can’t find it anywhere. You have a specific image in mind, but it probably doesn’t exist in any store. The solution to this is to get some custom things made so you can choose exactly what they look like. For example, get a pair of curtains made with a company like Montgomery, and you can choose the fabric and the measurements. You can go a step further too and have something unique made that incorporates elements you already have in the room. It could be a custom painting, for example.

Choose a Central Piece

Another good idea is to select a central piece that draws the eye when you walk into the room. It can be the focus of the whole room, so everything else doesn’t look quite as mismatched. But for this to work, you have to choose something that’s really eye-catching and quirky. It could be a piece of furniture, like a brightly coloured sofa. Or you might choose some artwork, such as an abstract painting. Think creatively to choose something that will work.

Introduce a Repeating Motif

Similar to an accent colour, a motif that repeats throughout the room can also tie everything together. It could be a pattern, like a zebra stripe, or it might be an object or animal. Perhaps a little pig keeps popping up throughout the room, or there are bicycles everywhere. You can play with your motif in different sizes, textures, and positions. It might be a flat image, or it could be a solid object.

If your room looks a bit too messy, the right touches could pull it all together. On the other hand, it might just be time to tidy up.

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