Most Creative Birthday Cards Uncovered

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Thanks to the wonders of the internet you can banish bland birthday cards and embrace some truly creative concepts that will leave your friends and relatives feeling genuinely appreciated on their special day.

Here are just some of the most creative options available at the moment, from the funny to the fabulous, to give you a bit of inspiration. Each of these cards can be found and customised at popular site Moonpig. And if you want to save on your next order, you can use this Moonpig discount code to cut the cost.

Concertina Cards

Why settle for a standard card that’s just got a single fold in it, when you could go for a multi-fold card that springs open like a concertina?

There are tons of different designs to choose from within this category, although the usual approach is to upload a number of different pictures that let you tell a story as the recipient goes through each side of the card. Just make sure your pictures don’t violate the site’s terms of use, or you could end up in the headlines.

Some of the most ingenious offerings in the concertina card range don’t even require any customisation, but instead feature professional illustrations that make the most of this form factor. From a slinky sausage dog that stretches all the way from start to finish, to clever cartoons that use each side like a panel in a comic strip, you have lots of choice.

Personalised Prosecco

Ok, so this isn’t technically a card, but it’s definitely a great way to wish someone a happy birthday in a unique and unusual format that will definitely feel special when they open the box.

Personalising the prosecco is simple; you can add the name of the person who’s receiving it and your own little message below. All this will then be printed on the label, pasted on the bottle and delivered to their door, giving them plenty of time to pop it in the fridge and get it nice and cool for the evening.

You could even see this creative alternative to a traditional birthday card as an eco-friendly option, as you’re combining a message and a gift in one package. And with sales still rising, prosecco is a safe bet for sparkling wine lovers.

Custom Entertainment Cards

Sure, you could head to the local supermarket and pick up a generic birthday card featuring your child’s favourite superhero or movie star, but that lacks the spark that personalisation can bring to the table, as we’ve already discovered.

Thankfully there are lots of customisable cards featuring fully licensed characters, including the stalwarts of the Marvel cinematic universe and many of Disney’s classic animations. You can add a picture of the recipient so that it appears alongside the characters they love, or even overlay their faces so that it seems that they are actually the hero themselves.

The best thing about these services is that you can just as easily create a bespoke card for people of all ages, even if they’re a bit too old to be into superheroes and Star Wars.

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