Moving Home: What To Look For In Your New Neighbourhood

When you are looking to move house, there is a lot more to it than simply finding a new property. You will also have to take some time to look into the different neighbourhoods of your chosen destination. This is especially important if you are moving quite far and will be living in a town or city that you aren’t too familiar with. So, what do you need to look for in your new neighbourhood? The following ideas will help you find the best area for you and your family.

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Closeness To Schools

If you are moving with a family, you will no doubt be thinking a lot about the local schools. Finding the right property might be all about finding one that is within walking distance from a good school. However, there is one downside to trying to buy a home near a school. They will usually be priced above the area’s average property price. And that is because they are in hot demand. After all, every family moving to the town will be looking in this area. There is nothing wrong with settling in a neighbourhood that doesn’t have a school in it. You just need to make sure that there is adequate transport for your children to school from the area.


Many people always take the safety of a neighbourhood into consideration when they are looking for a new house. Do you know what the crime rate of the neighbourhood is? Try to find an area that you can be sure your family will be safe in. The neighbourhood should also be safe for you to park your car outside on the road. If you don’t know what the neighbourhood’s crime rate is, just look out for people on the streets. Children playing and families strolling around are good signs that the area is safe and very family friendly.

There’s A Good Sense Of Community

If you are new to the area and don’t know anyone, you should look for a neighbourhood which has a strong sense of community. Lots of clubs and neighbourhood get-togethers will give you and your family lots of chances to get involved and make new friends. This sense of community will also improve the neighbourhood’s sense of security. That’s because there will probably be a neighbourhood watch group.


Your new neighbourhood also needs to be extremely convenient. A very convenient neighbourhood will be beneficial for your overall happiness as well as your bank balance. What makes a neighbourhood convenient? It’s to do with the amount of amenities you have nearby. If there are lots of shops, pharmacies, and post offices within walking distance, you can easily run your errands. You also need to factor in your commute to work as well. If you live in a neighbourhood that is an hour’s drive from your place of work, you won’t find it very convenient at all!

So, remember when you are house hunting that you need to consider the neighbourhood as well!

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