Munchkin LATCH Newborn Bottle Starter Set Review


MunchkinLatchMunchkin LATCH
Newborn Starter Set

Reviewed by Elena Price

I was very excited to receive the Munchkin LATCH to try with my breastfed baby, who has only once accepted a bottle (despite trying 5 brands of bottle!). If somebody was to ask me ‘What would you like from a baby bottle?’ I would’ve replied ‘a teat that is close to breastfeeding, something to try to reduce the air bubbles in the milk and something that is quick and easy to clean & assemble’.

When I opened the Munchkin LATCH Newborn Starter Set that is exactly what I found. The teat is unique, and something that I’ve never seen before as it is flexible and can easily move in all directions. At the bottom of the bottle is a valve which removes air bubbles from the milk, reducing the risk of your baby suffering from colic. Another thing that I noticed upon opening the box is that the newborn starter set included both stage 1 teats, stage 2 teats. This is a huge advantage, as many other brands if starter sets only include the stage one teats.

Cleaning the bottles using the Munchkin LATCH bottle and valve brush (included in the newborn starter set) was quick and simple, making it easy for me to do without leaving baby for too long.

Once assembled I was able to try it with my baby. Although he was hesitant at first, he did latch on a few times to the teat and found it easier to work out how to get the milk out as it is close to what he’s already used to. I will continue persevere with this bottle to encourage him to accept it more.


I would certainly recommend this bottle to all mums with new babies, whether they are using formula or wanting to give an occasional bottle of expressed milk. It is very versatile.

The Munchkin Latch Newborn Bottle Starter set comes with:

2 x 4oz/120ml LATCH™ Feeding Bottles
2 x 8oz/240ml LATCH™ Feeding Bottles
4 x LATCH™ Stage 1 Teats
2 x LATCH™ Stage 2 Teats
1 x LATCH™ Bottle & Teat Brush

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £29.99

Available to buy from Munchkin here.


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