My Top 5 Hair Tips

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As a child, I had beautifully curly, wavy hair. As a 40 something, the natural colour of my hair is mostly grey with a bit of dark brown. When I looked at my hair brush this morning there seemed to be more hair in the brush than on my head. My beautiful curls as a child are now something in between wavy and straight and I feel like my hair looks a mess unless I straighten it. Here are my top 5 hair tips:

  1. If you fancy a curly look, this can be achieved by plaiting your hair and leaving it in overnight. One of the younger people in my life often does this and the results look great.
  2. Has losing some of your hair impacted your self-confidence? Why not check out the FUE hair transplant cost.
  3. If using hair straighteners, don’t forget to use a protective product such as a hair serum & it could be worth buying a heat resistant mat and gloves. Don’t forget to unplug your hair straighteners after use.
  4. Make sure you use the right type of shampoo for your hair. I recently changed my shampoo and my hair has looked really greasy at times.
  5. Don’t know how to do a certain hair style? You can find some excellent hair style inspiration and tutorials on YouTube.
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