My Top 5 Tips for Saving Money

As a mum of 3, I do try to save money wherever possible without compromising on quality. Here are my 5 top tips:

Use discounted supermarkets

I have a friend who does this weekly household shop at ALDI. This costs him around £35 for the week and covers 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 evening meals. For some of the evening meals, 4 adults and a toddler eat the meal.

Friday night he has a takeaway and allows a budget of £10 for 2 people.

This comes to around £45 a week on food. Evening meals include a chicken or beef roast, spaghetti bolognaise, pizza, chicken kiev & wedges, frying steak, mushroom & onion sandwiches or pork pies & sausage rolls.  Lunches tend to be a wrap with ham and breakfast either toast or cereal. This £35 also includes things like washing up liquid, shampoo & shower gel.

The quality is just as good as supermarket own and branded names, and in some cases better, but at a lower price.

Also look out in the supermarket for any short date items which have been marked down in price.  Another company I have heard people rave about is Approved Food which sells a lot of short date items.

Shop around for loans

If your car has broken down or your boiler has packed up for winter, these can be quite expensive things to replace or fix and you may need to get a small loan. I would always recommend shopping around for loans to get the best deal as there are plenty of companies such as Lånemegleren and Lånemä

Buy annual passes for your favourite attractions

Annual passes tend to cost just the price of a handful of visits. At present I am an ambassador for Merlin Entertainments. In the past my family has had annual passes for Gulliver’s and Whipsnade Zoo.  You could always pop £50 a month in a savings account and then once a year is up, you have the money available to buy annual passes for your favourite attraction(s). Also keep a look out as many attractions have sales at certain times of the year.

Buy your clothes from your local charity shops

Children especially grow out of clothes so quickly. Why not donate their old clothes to one of your local charity shops and look out for a bargain while you are there. I recently purchased a designer dress from one of my local charity shops which was priced up at £1.99 and looked hardly worn.

I bought my daughter a coat, 2 pairs of pyjamas, several tops, a pair of ripped look jeans, some workout clothes, bra tops, pants etc and it all came to under £100. My own ripped jeans cost £15 and a ripped effect jumper came out as a surprise £5 when I got to the till. Watch out for in store and online sales too.

Buy a cinema pass

My local Cineworld offers a pass for £17.90 per month (£20.40 if London West End cinemas are to be included). This enables you to visit Cineworld as much as you want and see as many films as you want for 12 months. This is excellent value when you think that one visit to the cinema can cost £10+.

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