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Three Months After Launching Local Business 'Nearly New Near You' Starts A New Franchise

Just 3 months after launching her own business Nearly New Near You, Sarah Swan has just announced her first franchise 'Warwick' Branch that will be headed up by mum of two Joanne Timms to be opened on the 3rd of October 2011.

Joanne Timms aged 29, is a busy mum and having previously worked within a recruitment background she wanted to be able to do something that allowed her to work from home. With today's childcare costs rising Joanne wanted something that was flexible and that allowed her to earn but also to be there for her two children growing up.

Owner Sarah Swan had the idea for the business after having her first son in 2006 when she was amazed at how much the equipment for a small baby cost. She soon discovered that many of the items that she had spent a lot of money on got used so infrequently that by the time they were finished with, they were still in excellent condition. Therefore Sarah decided to launch her own business 'Nearly New Near You' where you can browse and buy baby clothes, toys and other items at an affordable cost.

Sarah quotes 'I always had big plans to grow the business into additional branches across the UK but I didn't think it would happen so quickly! I am over the moon with the expansion and I am pleased to be working with Joanne to help her grow her own branch'

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