New Ways with Parmigiano-Reggiano Review

New Ways with Parmigiano-Reggiano

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

I am not the world’s best cook but I am a massive fan of cheese, so any book that gives me ‘new ways’ to cook with it was going to appeal to me.

The book is a paperback, and has a very simple, uninspired cover design, with just the title and a picture of parmesan, and it is quite dark. It doesn’t particularly look like a book that I’d necessarily pick up of the shelves.

Inside the book is quite different. It opens with a lovely picture of rolling countryside and information about the history of parmesan.

There are only 12 recipes in this book, so it is quite a thin book, but the recipes are interesting and unusual. As a vegetarian I was happy to see that 7 out of the 12 recipes were in fact vegetarian! The rest of my family are meat eaters so this book would work well in my household in catering for our mixed diets.

The recipes themselves are written clearly and are easy to follow. The ingredient lists are straight forward and obtainable. Each recipe is accompanied by a ‘chef’s tip’ which is a lovely personalised touch.

I had a go at making the ‘Parmigiano-reggiano and butternut squash soup’ and the ‘Parmigiano-reggiano savoury snaps’ and I have to say both turned out well and were delicious! I followed the instructions to the letter and the dishes turned out well.

I will use this book in the future to try some of the other recipes, but it’s a shame there aren’t a few more in there to try as it won’t take long to exhaust the book. I wish the front cover matched the quality of the recipes inside as I feel it will be overlooked on the shelves.

Rating: 3/5

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