Nextbase UK Dash Cam 112 GO Review


Reviewed by Pete Allen 

Having always enjoyed driving, when tasked to review the Nextbase Dash Cam 112 I was overjoyed. I’m into my tech for my car and have lots of Gucci equipment in it already so this was my next toy to play with.

When it arrived, I took it out of the box and couldn’t believe how compact it was. Inside the box I found the Dash Cam itself, a powered mount for inside the vehicle, a car power cable, USB cable, quick start guides and manuals. One new feature of the 112, which offers the ultimate in convenience and ease of installation, is the Click & Go Powered Magnetic Mount. This uses magnets and powered touch points to allow the camera to be totally free from wires, providing it is charged of course. In this particular case I decided to also wire the power unit into my car. Usually I get one of my tech mates to install such a device but this time I decided to give it a go myself and following the simple instructions I set out to my car.

Within 15 minutes I had mounted the power unit in position, (using a simple suction cup) and quickly wired the power cable through to the cigarette lighter. The device was so compact, I hid it behind my mirror and to my delight all the wires were hidden and completely out of sight.

I then inserted a 32gb memory card (not supplied with Dash Cam and needs to be purchased separately) and we were ready to go. With a simple “click” the Dash Cam slipped into the power unit and I adjusted it to face the road. Switching the unit on, I had a clear view of the road ahead, from its 2” LED 720p HD screen, offering me a full 120° wide-angle view of the road ahead.

The real reason I wanted one of these devices was to protect me from other road users, especially with the current blame culture that we live in. The HD footage obtained from the 112 Dash Cam would show great evidence in any future insurance claims, helping to prove that the accident was not your fault. It also has a 30 minute backup battery in case of any accidents.

So, being a tech fan, I decided to take it for a spin (the car) whilst recording the full journey on my new toy. The device is easy to use and prior to departing I input the correct time and date and switched on the recording. I completed a short journey into town before returning back home. I then quickly took the Dash Cam from its mount and reviewed the journey I had just taken. Although I took part in no major collisions, I scrolled the various buttons enabling me to switch on / off audio recording and adjust the likes of resolution and exposure. The main screen also tells the user the strength of the battery and displays what settings you are currently using.

On viewing the short journey, I had a fairly clear view of the road ahead and if any incident or accident would have occurred then I am sure the evidence captured would have been enough to assist in any investigation. The clarity of the screen was good but just not clear enough to pick out a number plate on a passing vehicle. When complete you can download the data onto any PC using the 32gb storage. Also, the footage does look a lot better once downloaded onto a more powerful device, like a PC.

Overall, the 112 is an entry level Dash Cam I would say it’s well worth it’s price tag of under £50. It is small and light, simple to use and does not obstruct your driving.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £49.99

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