Nimble Babies Milk Buster Baby Bottle Wash Review


MilkBusterMilk Buster Baby Bottle Wash

Reviewed by Gemma Berkul

I was chosen for the Nimble Babies Milk Buster Baby Bottle Wash, to review this week. It arrived in a box and with a leaflet telling you about the product etc…

Having a 12 month old baby who drinks a lot of milk!… I knew this would come in very handy and it did.

The bottle itself looks stylish and is easy to use and is lightweight too. There are clear instructions (pictures and words) on the back with three easy steps to follow… Add water, spray x2 and then brush and rinse! Although I always sprayed 3-4 times. The product doesn’t really smell of anything but it does bubble up a little bit.

After using it for the first time I could notice the difference between using this product and not using it. The bottles came up really clean and they weren’t cloudy as they could be sometimes. As my baby’s bottles don’t have to be sterilised anymore, this product puts my mind at ease as it targets smelly milk residues opposed to normal washing up liquid which doesn’t do the same job.

I think it’s an excellent product and I would recommend it. For something as important as cleaning your little ones bottles properly it’s a small price to pay. It is retailed at £5.99 but I think it’s worth every penny. I have used it every day and there is still loads left.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £5.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.

4 Star

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