Oast and Squire Fareham Review


Reviewed by Natalie Kitchen

My husband and I were really excited about going out for this meal. My parents had our 3 year old twins and 13 month old baby overnight so it seemed a great way to spend our night off. We chose the Oast and Squire as I’ve lived up the road from the restaurant most of my life but had never actually eaten there. The restaurant is located on the A27 not far from Fareham town centre and is very easy to find as you can see it easily from the main road. We booked for a busy Saturday night. When we arrived there was plenty of parking. The Oast and Squire has a car park at the front and back of the restaurant so even at peak times I can’t see parking being a problem.

As we were walking in we spotted a decked patio area outside that looked like it would lovely to sit at during the summer when we didn’t have the wet and windy weather we did that night. Inside we only waited a minute before we were greeted by a friendly hostess called Natalie. She showed us to our table straight away and gave us our menus. She asked us what drinks we liked as soon as we were seated and helpfully told us the different types of rose wine they had for me to choose from as well as the different lagers for my husband. Before she left she asked us if we would like any dipping breads to have whilst we made our decision which we said yes to. The drinks arrived quickly shortly followed by the dipping breads which were gorgeous and came served on a nice wooden serving board.

The menu had lots of choices. There was the main menu or a special value evening menu where you could get 2 courses for £11.99 or 3 courses for £13.99. Our waitress, Suzie, introduced herself then came to take our order. We both decided to go for the mixed grill as our main course which is part of the main menu. Suzie was very friendly and helpful asking us how we wanted our steak cooked, if we wanted steak sauce with it, whether we wanted the spicy chips or plain ones, and asking if we wanted the mushrooms and tomatoes and saying she would give us extra onion rings when we said we didn’t.

The restaurant itself was lovely. Really clean and modern. The lighting made for a really lovely atmosphere. There were a few birthday celebrations going on and the restaurant had decorated those tables with balloons as well as the customers being able to bring their own balloons and decorations.

Our meals came really quickly which we were surprised at for a Saturday night. The mixed grill looked amazing and was huge with a chicken breast, a steak, 2 sausages, gammon, egg, chips and onion rings. I quickly knew I had no chance of me finishing my meal! We were offered sauces and they arrived quickly. The whole meal was delicious. I don’t like dry meat but the meat here was amazing and cooked to perfection. I was right and couldn’t finish my meal so I ended up giving the rest to my husband who had no problem finishing it off.

When we had finished, Suzie promptly came and cleared out plates and asked how the meal was. She offered us a dessert. We were both pretty stuffed but couldn’t resist a look at the menu. Suzie informed us that they do puddings to share or one called Dessert Lover’s Delight were we could pick 3 items out of a choice of different puddings as tasters that we could share if we didn’t have room for a dessert each. She then said she would leave us a little while for our dinner to go down before we decided if we could fit one in. After leaving us 10 minutes she came back and we decided on a sundae for 2 to share between us. This was again delicious and a huge portion. When we finished Suzie came over to take our plates and offered us coffee or another drink but neither of us could have anything else after such a huge, delicious meal so we just asked for the bill.

When Suzie brought the bill she told us about the reward loyalty card were you collect points that you can swap for money off vouchers or free starters etc… as well as receiving special offers. We both signed up for one and left Suzie a tip for the excellent and really friendly service she offered us.

I can’t fault this restaurant at all. The food was amazing, the service was excellent, and the restaurant had this lovely, relaxed atmosphere. We’ll definitely be coming back and would recommend the Oast and Squire to everyone. The loyalty card sends you special offers for your birthday and I’m really looking forward to coming back next month to celebrate mine.

Rating: 5/5

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