Organix Banana Soft Oaty Bars Review


Banana_Soft_Oaty_BarsOrganic Banana
Soft Oaty Bars
Organix Goodies

Reviewed by Ruth Clements

I recently received a box of Organic Banana Soft Oaty Bars from Organix Goodies. There were 6 bars per box which is perfect for me with triplets! The bars themselves are an adequate at 30g for a snack for my 2 year olds, although they are a little bit crumbly so can be messy. My 2 year old boys loved them though and didn’t seem to mind the mess.

I am conscious of not giving my children too many salty, sugary foods as snacks so these bars are perfect with only a trace of salt and no added processed sugar. I was slightly disappointed to read that banana was at the bottom of the ingredient list with only 5% of the bar being from bananas, despite being described as a banana bar, although they do have a subtle banana taste.

I will probably try some of the other available flavours and see how they compare.

I would give them a 4/5 due to the crumbliness.

Rating: 4/5

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Available to buy from ASDA.

4 Star

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