OXO Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper Review


Reviewed by Melanie Allen

The main purpose of this OXO GreenSaver was to preserve and prolong the condition of fruit and veg in the fridge so that we waste less. It certainly lived up to its reputation and I was very impressed with the quality of the fruit and veg I left in it for one week.

It came with a little booklet of instructions with it in various languages which I read before I filled up the container. The basket in the GreenSaver was designed to allow the air to circulate and can also be used as a colander which would be handy for lettuce etc…

The container felt very sturdy and was a lot bigger than I thought. It’s a good job I have a large fridge!

The first and only difficulty I encountered with this product was removing the charcoal filter from the cellophane. I almost ripped the filter trying to get into it out. The filter is placed in the lid of the container which requires changing every 90 days.

Upon reading the instructions, the pictures indicated that certain fruit and veg were suitable for storing with the top vent open and some were suited to having the vent closed. The same key was on the back of the lid, however once the filter was inserted, you couldn’t see this picture which was a shame as this could do with being on display all the time, for reference.

I decided to put in some peppers, an apple, tomatoes and mushrooms that were already a few days old with the vent open. The peppers, apple and tomatoes were suited to having the vent open but the mushrooms were suited to the vent being closed. I also put the same type of veg in my normal fruit drawer in the fridge.


Within a few days, the mushrooms in my normal fridge drawer were on the turn, going brown and a bit mushy. However the condition of the veg in the OXO GreenSaver never faltered.

After a few more days, the peppers, apple and tomatoes in the fridge drawer became shrivelled and soft, yet the ones in the OXO GreenSaver stayed fresh and supple.

My only complaint with this product would be the initial cost of buying the various sizes of containers. In the long run, they would probably pay for themselves with the amount of food you would save from going off. Also as some fruit and veg require the vent open and some require it closed, you would need to separate the food accordingly (even though my mushrooms should have had the vent closed, I had it open and they were fine).

In the 4.7l one, I could only fit in 3 peppers, an apple, 3 tomatoes and a few mushrooms. If you had to fit in an average families fruit and veg for a week, you would probably need 4 or 5 of these, and a very large fridge to fit them all in.


A very good idea for those with the fridge space. Definitely would recommend this.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £15 (1.5l) / £19 (4l) / £23 (4.7l)

Available to buy in 1.5l, 4l and 4.7l sizes from OXO here.

4 Star

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