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Paultons Park
Peppa Pig World

Reviewed by the Davison Family

Living less than 20 minutes away from Paultons Park, we were thrilled to be able to review the park on behalf of What’s Good To Do.  We visited on a weekend (Saturday) in May and thankfully the weather was on our side!

We arrived at the park at just past 10am (when the park opens) and were immediately directed to the new overflow carpark.  This was very well organised, with stewards directing traffic and informing people where to park.

There are several gates/turnstiles and the staff member who scanned our tickets was very friendly and welcoming.  ‘Lost Child’ stickers are easily available from Guest Services which I think are a super idea.  You simply write your name and phone number on them and stick one on your child in case you ‘lose’ them.  Buggies are also available to hire if needed.

Paultons Park recently became the home of Peppa Pig World, which is the first theme park of its kind.  It includes 7 rides, various enchanted buildings and animations.  We headed here first, in an attempt to avoid inevitable queues later on in the day. 

Peppa Pig World really is fantastic for any Peppa Pig fan.  It is aimed at children up to approximately eight years old – our daughter is six and I thought she may not enjoy it as much as a younger child might, but it definitely seemed to reignite her love for Peppa and George.

The area is very well made and a lot of thought has gone into the details, you really feel like you are in Peppa Pig’s world!  There is a constant stream of Peppa music playing throughout the area (which could get annoying but actually really does add to the atmosphere).

The rides range in age suitability and excitement level – from the sedate Grandpa Pig’s Little train or Daddy Pig’s Car Ride to Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride or the Windy Castle (there was no way I was going on that – like a spinning tea cup, up high – no thanks!)

We started off on George’s Dinosaur Adventure, well I say ‘we’ – Evie was old enough to ride on her own and insisted that I would look silly going round on a dinosaur of my own, so us parents had to sit that one out!  As it was still early in the day, the queue was short (no more than 5 minutes) and Evie really enjoyed the ride.

We swiftly moved on to Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip and to my delight, mummy was allowed on this one too (as you may have guessed mummy doesn’t ‘do’ big scary rides – we leave those for Daddy! ) Evie really enjoyed this one, pretending to be captain of the ship.

As well as the 7 rides, there are also houses and buildings to look in – Peppa Pigs House and Madame Gazelle’s School House, both offering great photo opportunities for you and your little ones.  Also, not forgetting Mr Potato’s Playground and Muddle Puddles – the wet splash zone which is a great idea (on a warm day!)  There is of course also a Peppa Pig shop, selling everything you could ever want or need in a Peppa theme – toys, books, clothes, bedding, sweets, teddies – you name it!

There’s also George’s Spaceship Play Zone (otherwise known as soft play) which is just great and a real highlight of the day for Evie.  I would imagine it gets very busy on a rainy day, but I did notice there was a member of staff counting people in and out, so it’s good to know they obviously have safety restrictions to abide by.  Right next door to the Play Zone is Daddy Pig’s Big Tummy Cafe, offering a range of hot & cold drinks and snacks.  Daddy bought a coffee in here to keep him going and worthy of note, is the big basket of fresh fruit and healthy snacks in prime view on the counter, which makes a refreshing change.

After almost dragging Evie away from the soft play zone (just one more slide pleeeeeeeease Daddy!) we went on Grandpa Pig’s Little Train.  By now the queues had got considerably longer and we waited approximately 20 minutes for this ride.

As Peppa Pig World was now very busy, we decided to explore more of the rest of Paultons Park. 

We took a ride on the Rio Grande, which is a train which takes you on a trip around part of the park and is a good opportunity to see which other rides take your fancy.

There are 2 main restaurants on the site and various kiosks dotted around as well.  We purchased lunch in the Station Restaurant.  We just had sandwiches, which were reasonably priced.  The staff were friendly and helpful.  The self service restaurant was clean and tidy, but in my opinion could probably do with a bit of updating.  Also, I was disappointed in the range of meals for children.  Lunch boxes were available, but only containing hot food and I felt it would have been good to have cold option too (i.e. sandwich, crisps, fruit etc). 

The grounds of Paultons provide plenty of grassy areas for picnics and there are plenty of picnic benches and seating areas throughout the park.  Also of note, is a new undercover picnic area which is currently being built and is anticipated to open in the summer months. 

A quick stop off at the toilets – which I have to mention all have special children’s toilet seats, a nice touch!

The main part of Paultons covers a large area and has in excess of 30 rides and attractions.  Between the three of us (OK mainly Evie and Daddy!) we managed to try pretty much all of them.  From the more sedate Magic Carpet ride and Flying Frog rollercoaster to the thrilling Cobra and the brand new ride Magma.  This only opened at Easter and is a great new addition.  Not forgetting the Raging River Ride on which we got SOAKED!  Handily they have a walk in dryer machine next to the exit and at a small cost of £2 we were able to dry off a bit!

This part of the park was less busy than Peppa Pig World and the longest queuing time was a maximum of 10 minutes and that was a rarity.  The rides are a real mixture of age suitability and type, there really is something for everyone.  Teeny toddlers aren’t forgotten either as there are various individual rides dotted around the park which are also included in the price.

It’s not just the rides which make Paultons a great day out, there’s also lovely gardens, a large area containing bird aviaries and also Land of the Dinosaurs.  This is a decked walk through woods where you find life size models of various dinosaurs, complete with sound effects.  These attractions make for a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the rides.

Overall, we would highly recommend Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World.  It was a super day out.

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