Peppa Pig My First ReadyBed Review


Reviewed by Joanne Watson

The arrival of this product in my life is extremely well timed, as it nicely fills a gap that’s just opened up! I have 2 year old twins and we have been worrying about where they will sleep while visiting various people over the Christmas holidays. At home they have toddler beds, but they are not yet ready to go in to adult sized beds and are too old for travel cots. The ‘ReadyBed’ is a perfect solution!

It arrived neatly packaged in a box, which clearly shows what the contents include and how it can be used. The box explains that this is a portable bed, that is quick and easy to put up, and that it is a bed and bedding combined. The box contained the ready bed and also a hand pump.


On opening the box, I was very pleased with the quality of the bed. I quickly unfolded it and started to pump it up using the pump included. My children loved this and wanted to take turns using the pump! I did then go and get my electric pump as I knew it would be much quicker this way, but it is still handy to have the hand pump included for times when electricity may not be available, i.e. when camping.

The bed quickly inflated and my daughter wasted no time climbing in. The bed had an inflated ‘head board’ with colourful pictures all around. It has two side pockets which would be handy to store a spare dummy, drink or story book. The cover is designed in a way to enable the child to get in and out easily, while still being able to pull the cover right up. She was comfortable and happy in the bed, and had to be coaxed out! As a parent I would be extremely happy that my child was safe, and unable to fall out of bed and hurt themselves.

PeppaPigMyFirstReadyBed2It was simple to deflate the bed by just opening the valve and it folded down quickly and easily. The bed rolled back up and then folded back in to itself to become a handy storage bag.

This ReadyBed is ideal for sleepovers, for when a travel cot is impractical, or when a child is in-between cot/bed stages. It would be suitable to take on camping and caravanning holidays, and folds up small enough so that you could take it in a car or even on a plane if needed. The fact that bedding is included is an added bonus as it is one less thing to have to take, although in colder months an extra blanket may be needed.

The box states that this bed is suitable from 18 months, and I would expect my children to be able to use this bed up until the age of approximately 6.

I loved this product! So much so, that I went straight out and bought a second one for my other twin. He loves his just as much, and it was great that they come in a choice of designs. Now she has her Peppa bed and he has a Thomas bed. These beds will be used a lot over the Christmas period and I am so glad to have discovered them!

I would totally recommend this product.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £36.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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