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PeppaPigStompeezPeppa Pig Stompeez

Reviewed by Emma Lydon

I was pleased to be chosen to review the Peppa Pig Stompeez as I have a little girl who is nearly 3 and is mad about Peppa Pig.

In terms of my expectations of these slippers, I have bought a pair of Stompeez for my older daughter in the past and so I knew what to expect. They are fun and novel slippers rather than being what you could call practical! They are made with good quality material and have a very soft feel and a fabulous likeness to Peppa! I particularly liked that they have an elasticated support strap which goes around the back of the foot, makes them a little more secure for my little one. They are, however quite wide and also high, which did mean that my daughters feet would slip out to the side quite a lot. She also has a habit of running everywhere she goes rather than walking, and these are not the best design to compliment a running toddler! They are colourful and comfortable, if perhaps a bit warm when the weather heats up…

The unique selling point of the Stompeez is the moving/flapping/wiggling ears which is the attraction for the children. My daughter is quite light but she had no trouble getting Peppa’s ears to flap when she walked. I can’t comment as to how durable they are, as we haven’t had them long enough but they have stood the test of the first week with a very boisterous toddler!


As the primary pair of slippers, I don’t think that I would recommend these – they are not practical or stable enough and they will probably spend more time putting them back on or walking around looking down at them rather than watching where they are going! However, they are fun and a great novelty gift. The RRP is around £14.99 which is a reasonable cost for what you get.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £14.99 (available in infant and junior sizes)

Available to buy from High Street TV here.

3 Star

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