Personalised Enamel Planter Review


Reviewed by Joanne Carney

Can we do it again? The words that usually make me recoil. One more push on the swing, one more bounce on the trampoline, one more sweet. The list is endless! But, for once I agreed that ‘doing it again’ would be a great idea.

The Personalised Enamel Planter was an early Mother’s Day present to my mum from my daughter. I found it on the ‘Not on the High Street’ website for a very reasonable £12. The delivery was quick, and the item was well protected and packaged. In fact, the fancy tissue meant that I didn’t need to wrap it (WINNER).

My mum was grateful, as she always is, but the thank you was much more genuine once we had spent the afternoon buying indoor plants at the local garden centre and then spending time arranging them, together.

I am not normally a green fingered person and I don’t normally get any joy from dirt in the house or dirty little finger nails. But, there was something about the simplicity of the moment that was captured and will be cherished forever.

The planter is steel with a pretty coloured enamel coating. It is the perfect size that is big enough to make a statement but the right size to sit comfortably on a shelf. It is maintainable and that is very important for us busy mums!

My mother loved the personalisation on the front that said, ‘Grown by Gran’, in beautiful italic writing. I have now requested one for myself, from my husband (hint hint!), I can’t wait to see what inscription he decides to put on it, probably ‘Gardening Goddess’. Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

This is definitely going to be something I buy as an unusual but perfectly personalised gift, suitable for all occasions.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12

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