Personalised Engraved Wooden Star Keepsake Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

The star arrived in a perfectly sized little white cardboard box (perfectly sized as it fits through the letterbox without the postman leaving one of those pesky red cards!), the box is sealed well with tape so you know the contents are safely tucked inside.

When you open the box you find a little thank you and have a lovely day card, which brings a smile on the glummest of days. The star is wrapped in a very pretty blue and white spotty paper bag with a little business logo sticker holding it closed.

Opening up the bag you get a first glimpse of the star, it’s very rustic looking with a weathered effect white paint job. Once you take it out of the bag you can see how beautiful it actually is.

On one side I asked to have it personalised with “Daddy we love you all the way to the stars” this is carved into the wood, it’s a lovely type face, very easily readable and just the right colour to be seen, to fit in with the whole look and not look out of place at all. On the reverse I chose to have “love Thomas and Edward xxx” again this is beautifully done. The placement of the text on both sides of the star is perfectly centred and written so that you can stand the star on two points to display it. Which you will want to do as its too beautiful not to.

The star is a lovely size, about 13cm at its widest point, it feels nice and chunky as it’s approximately 2cm deep, it’s smooth and fits just right in your hand.

It is a beautiful personal gift that will fit any occasion, big or small, male or female, young or old and will also fit with any decor.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £7.50

Available to buy from Not on the High Street here.


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