Philips Airfryer Review

Model no: HD9240


Reviewed by David Savage

After hearing so many good things about the Philips Airfryer I was delighted when I was offered the chance to try one out.

What is an Airfryer I hear you ask, well after trying one I can honestly say it is a kitchen gadget that every kitchen needs. The Philips Airfryer uses Rapid Air Technology (hot air to you and me) to cook (fry, grill or roast) a variety of foods or even bake cakes without the need for oil (or very little oil) and up to 80% less fat than cooking in a traditional oven, therefore making it a much more healthier option to standard cooking.

Upon opening and unpacking the box I was greeted with a black oven (measures approximately 31cm wide, 30cm high and a depth (including handle) of 42cm). The oven has a removable basket to add your food and a touch screen display to set your temperature and cooking time.

Now I was eager to use it but not being a good cook I decided to start with something simple so decided on frozen sausages and frozen chips. After a quick read through the instruction leaflet I preheated the oven to the temperature on the packets (they were both the same so wasn’t an issue), this is very simple to do – just keep pressing the temperature button until you get the desired temperature and then press start (my first thoughts were that it sounded like a hairdryer when in use, but then as is cooks using just hot air it makes sense). It took maybe 20 seconds to heat the airfryer to the correct temperature and then starts beeping to let you know that it’s ready and to add your food. I then selected the cooking time (again just press until you get the desired minutes, has a maximum of 60). Now I was ready to go, I added the sausages and chips with no oil and pressed start.

25 minutes later the Airfryer stating beeping to let me know my lunch was cooked. On opening the basket I found crispy, perfectly cooked food (I did wonder if it would brown the sausages as I had visions of it being like a microwave and was happy to find that it did). After reading through the supplied recipe book I realised I should have lowered the temperature by 20 degrees than what the packets said but they both were cooked perfectly and tasted even better. Any fat / oil that was in the sausages and chips was collected in the tray below the cooking basket. The sausages came out nice and brown and crispy, as well the chips. And because they weren’t cooked in oil the taste was much better than oven cooked.

I have since tried homemade chips and to be honest my first try wasn’t very good as they weren’t cooked properly (I have since worked out that I cut them too big). But have been playing about with chip sizes and different temperatures and cooking times and am getting the hang of it.

I have also tried chicken dippers and chicken legs and am starting to use the Airfryer more than the oven. It is very simple to use and the food has a much cleaner, crispier taste and as less fat is obviously a lot more healthier (well at least as healthy as frozen sausages and chicken can be). As I am not a very adventurous cook I haven’t tried the recipes in the supplied recipe book (apart from the chips), but with the results I have had so far I have no doubt that even baking cakes would be perfect.

It is also very easier to clean, the cooking tray pulls out and the wire cooking basket can be removed.

PhilipsAirfryer9240aOverall I am very impressed with the Philips Airfryer. It is so simple to use and the results are amazing and suits my style of cooking, pop in the food and wait for the beep. It doesn’t take up too much room on the worktop and is easy to clean. And as I am not the healthiest of eaters, cutting out up to 80% of fat has to be a great thing. With its 1.2kg capacity it has plenty of room to cook for up to 5 people.

With an RRP of £230 some may consider it expensive, but is cheaper than a good conventional oven and the results are much better, cleaner, healthier and tastier.

I definitely recommend the Philips Airfryer and as I said at the start of the review it is definitely a must have kitchen gadget for the worst and best cooks.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £230

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