Phlat Ball V3 Flash Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

If you are looking for a fun and energetic gift idea look no further than the Phlat Ball from Tucker toys. Suitable for everyone boys and girls, age 3 to teens Phlat Ball gives a new spin to ball games.

The Phlat Ball comes in lots of different colour ways and is hollow flexible plastic with rubber inserts which enable it to squash flat and the sucker pad inside enables the ball to stay flat when pressed. The aim is simple, the Phlat Ball squashes into a 9-inch disc with a quick press and when thrown it randomly pops out back into a 6 inch ball. This sometimes happens in the air and sometimes when you have caught it, the fun is you don’t know when it will pop.

There are several  versions and we were sent the V3 flash to try which has flashing lights on the central inserts so is good for playing at dusk or in the evenings. It is easy to get started as it comes packed flat in cardboard packaging, all you need to do is unwrap and let it pop out. It needs to be warm to go totally round so if you want it to work super quickly you can run it under some hot water from the tap. This also makes the sucker pad inside stickier.

It’s safe to say that my son loved the Phlat Ball, when asked for marks out of ten he said a zillion!

The packaging comes with four different game ideas and we tried them all plus he played with it independently. The games ranged from two to four or more players so are great for a family, we enjoyed Phunky Monkey, their version of piggy in the middle. It make the game so much more fun when you didn’t know when the ball was going to pop up. Phlat potato was another winner for our family of three, you throw the ball and the one holding it when it pops up is out, this also works well with lots of players.

Phlat Ball is waterproof so can be used inside and out and the fact that it goes flat makes it really great for popping into a beach or picnic bag, its light too so is easy to carry around. It would make a great gift for summer or even for winter due to the lights and we will definitely be taking it on holiday with us this year. Available from all good toy shops and on line Phlat Ball is a great present idea for any child and with versions ranging from £6 to £16 it fits into the majority of budgets.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £13.99

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