Pocket Money Cookery Review


Reviewed by Dawn Watson

As a mum of two girls (7 and 11 years old) I was delighted to be chosen to review this children’s cookery book from Oober Kids Republic, their first ever one. Aimed at primary age children it does say to be enjoyed along with an adult… which is a great way to get your children in the kitchen. My youngest is an extremely fussy eater and after a bout of illness will happily choose fish fingers every day for tea! My eldest is good with most foods but not experimental at all so this was an ideal opportunity to learn, cook and experiment with new tastes together.

The book was written by Ceci, an Italian enthusiastic cook, and as with most Italian families children are involved in the preparation and cooking of food from a very young age and this is the reason behind her choosing to do an actual cookery book – to help children understand the basics of food preparation and help them to enjoy healthy food, new tastes and learn to experiment.

Working with a food nutritionist has enabled this book to be not just a cookery book but also a book full of facts, top tips and the girls favourite ‘Curiosity Corner – telling little stories as to how pizzas got their name for example and right at the start a whole section dedicated to hygiene and food hygiene which is fantastic as this is often missed from cookery books.

We love how the recipes are not childish in any way, not the bog standard ‘fairy cakes’ you so often find in children’s cookery books. Each recipe is a personal family recipe from Ceci so makes it even more special. Each recipe is broken down into easy to follow and understand steps. With great quirky recipe names like ‘Broken French Dinner’, ‘ Snowstorm Veal’  and my personal favourite ‘Dawn Scrambled Eggs’).

Both girls found the steps easy to follow and liked to see their recipe and cooking evolve into a gorgeous meal for us all or a little snack at lunchtime on the weekend. My eldest particularly liked to read all the facts about nutrition and why some foods are good for us and what they do to help our bodies grow.

While my youngest was keen for me to read out to her some of the stories in ‘Curiosity Corner’. Our favourite recipe so far was the ‘Mozzarella on a Scooter’, it was truly yummy! And my fussy eater scoffed the lot!

We have really enjoyed using this book and it was definitely be a well-thumbed cookery book for my girls. And with a section at the back to create and write down your own recipes it has given my girls the bug to continue with this new hobby.

With regards to the name – Pocket money cookery I personally felt some of the costs were slightly high for what I would class as pocket money but this does not detract from the enjoyment of the book. My girls review would be more pictures please, perhaps at each stage of the preparation and cooking so that they can make sure they are doing it right. I agree more pictures please.

So thank you Ceci we hope this is the first of many cookery books aimed at bringing to life more gorgeous recipes and getting my girls trying and tasting more lovely food and hopefully less fish fingers in our house!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £7

Available to buy from Oober Kids Republic here.

4 Star

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