Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

I was absolutely delighted to be asked to try and review a Boom Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker from Polk Audio. Having recently swapped from an iPhone to a Samsung Note, and later realising that neither my iPod Dock, nor iPod sound system in my car would fit my new phone, rendering my £10 per month music subscription much less useful than it would otherwise be.

As the Boom Swimmer connects to your media device (phone, tablet, iPod) via Bluetooth, it is compatible with any device with Bluetooth functionality, a massive bonus in a house using a mixture of Android, iPods and iPads.

Firstly, I thought that the Boom Swimmer was really attractively packaged. In was in a clear plastic box that looked really funky and a little bit sporty. The size and colour of the device could be seen really clearly, and I thought the bright, tomatoey shade of red was really attractive.

The packaging was easy enough to get into, and once opened, I found the Swimmer was safely enclosed and protected well from any bumps that might have happened in transit. The speaker had a fab, rubberised finish and it felt like a high quality, premium product in my hands. It also came with a charging cable, an aux cable and a sucker fastening to exchange with the bendable ‘tail’ that came attached, as well as a set of instructions.

The device came ready charged, so I was able to start testing it straight away – always a bonus as I’m so inpatient with trying out new tech gadgets. I started out by pairing it with my main device, my Samsung Note 4. I followed the instructions, and it was really simple; it paired successfully the first time. The speaker alerted me verbally that pairing had been successful, and I was ready to go.

I then opened Spotify, selected the playlist that I wanted and pressed play. Hey presto, the music then wirelessly started playing through my new speakers – absolutely fantastic. The sound quality is excellent, not at all tinny and much better than I had expected from such a small and wireless device. I then repeated the pairing procedure with my iPad and the children’s Android tablets. They all paired just as easily (although obviously the Boom can only have an active connection with one at a time), and the sound quality was as good with each device as the last.

One of the main draws of the Boom Swimmer is the fact that it claims to be 100% waterproof. The Swimmer comes with a bendable tail (think tadpole) attached, that can be used to attach it to all manner of fixings, or to twist around and use as a stand. It also comes with a sucker attachment. The tail screws off, the sucker screws on and the device can be fixed to a hard surface such as tiles or a window. I tried it both in the shower with me, and on the side of the bath whilst the children were having their long Sunday morning bath. Firstly, the sucker is excellent, it kept the device attached firmly to both the shower tiles and the side of the bath, and it didn’t slip in either case.


The Bluetooth connection works really well, even from a reasonable distance. I left the phone on my bedside table as I didn’t want it in the bathroom with all the steam, and it maintained the sound quality really well. The children lived having music on whilst they enjoyed their bath, and I really enjoyed having music on in the shower too. Whilst I haven’t yet completely submersed the speaker, it did get very wet both in the shower and whilst the kids splashed around and it does seem totally waterproof. After usage, I screwed the tail back on and hung it to dry, although I don’t know if this was strictly necessary.

As I mentioned earlier, I also used to like to listen to my music account in the car, but have been unable to do this since I swapped to Android as my car has an iPod system only. The Boom has also solved this issue; I suckered it up onto the windscreen, turned it on and away we went. Top quality audio, without the need for cables stretched all over the car, brilliant.

I have used the system on several occasions, over a number of different devices, and it always holds the connection perfectly. We are going on holiday later this year, and it will be perfect to use around the pool or just in the room without the concern of dripping wet kids spoiling it.

We utterly love our Boom Swimmer, there is simply nothing to fault. It comes in a fantastic range of colours, the soft, rubberised finish feels great, and the two different fittings for the back means it will attach to almost anything on one way or another. It solves the issue lots of households have with having multi-platform devices, or feeling tied into a particular device type because of docks and speaker systems.

A fantastic, good looking and functional product.


  • Bluetooth – Stream Audio Wirelessly.
  • Waterproof- Immersion in 3 ft of water for up to 30 minutes.
  • Durable – Shock-Resistant & Dustproof.
  • 8 Hours of Battery Life – 2 Hour Charge Time.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £54.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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