Potted Potter at the Garrick Theatre Review


Potted Potter
The Garrick Theatre

23 March to 21 April 2013


Reviewed by Natalie Sackett

All of the Harry Potter books acted out in 70 minutes. I didn't think this was possible until my 10 year old daughter and I watched Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner perform Potted Potter.

Having started life in 2005 as a sketch to entertain queuing crowds at a Harry Potter book launch the duo extended their 20 minute sketch and took it to the 2006 Edinburgh Festival. Between the Edinburgh Festival debut and now the duo have taken their show on a tour of the UK, Canada and the US.

Back for a brief time in London at the Garrick Theatre the show, having been nominated for various awards including an Olivier Award, takes you on a whistle stop journey through all of the 7 Harry Potter books.

With Dan having excitedly spent a large portion of the show's budget on a dragon to use for their version of book four (which is not as impressive as he leads us all to believe!) the duo make do with what is to hand. At some times completely irrelevant props and costumes are used to portray characters and events in the beloved series which adds to the fun. Lupin the werewolf is now an elephant and the majestic Hogwarts Express is downgraded to a small sit on train. There is even a game of Quidditch for the audience to participate in. Given the unpredictability of audience participation (especially when using children) this left me crying with laughter with even the cast in disbelief at the unscripted comedy that was unfolding before them.

Without spoiling it for those who are yet to see Potted Potter the highlights of the show include a Potter/Voldermort 'magic off' and also a rendition of I Will Survive.  

Filled with silliness, fun and plenty of laughs the show is fantastic family entertainment and a 'must see'.

Rating: 5/5

Potted Potter is showing at the Garrick Theatre in London until 21 April 2013. For more details or to book tickets click here.

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