Purflo Sleepsac Review


Purflo Sleepsac


Reviewed by Emma Baker

Living in Manchester we are used to the cold weather which is fine during the day when you can wrap up warm with loads of layers, but at night when all you want to do is relax in your pj’s and snuggle up in your blanket would be fine if the children weren't such wiggle bums and constantly kicking the blankets off meaning a million trips up the stairs throughout the night for mum to cover them back up. Even more so with having a new born and trying to keep him at the right temperature. So when we received this sleepsac or baby sleeping bag I was delighted.

It came in a see through package which enabled you to see clearly what the product was and it contained a very informative sheet of card telling you all about the sleepsac and the benefits of using it and the great qualities it has such as:

– Anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial filling, to help prevent the build-up of bacteria and dispels dust mites that are linked to Asthma and Eczema,
– Natural Banboo lining,
– Zip open front to allow baby to be changed without being disturbed when sleeping.

On the back there was loads more information including the size of the bag, the age its suitable for, the tog to make sure you use the right one in the right temperature, handy hints on safer sleep for your baby, it is also translated into many other languages.
I received the 0-3 months sleepsac as my son is only a week old, and with a 2.5 TOG which is handy for our cold winter nights, and it came in the natural elephant design which was white and beige in colour with a cute elephant design perfect for either boy or girl.

I put my son to bed last night in his new sleepsac, it was easy to undo and had a zip all the way down the front and around the bottom of the sac, which opened with ease, and had a handy soft chin guard so that when fastened the zip doesn’t rub against baby’s skin. My son fitted snug inside the sac and looked really cosy and comfy and set for a warm night’s sleep. He settled down to sleep straight away and slept till his next feed. Once fed, it came to change his nappy, all other previous sleeping bags needed me to take my child out but thanks to the handy opening at the bottom I could just zip it open and change him right in the bag. Meaning he could be fed, changed and put straight backed to bed in no time meaning I could get on with more sleep. In the morning when he woke he was snug and warm and looked refreshed from a good night’s sleep.
The sleepsac comes with removable sleeves so that when it gets colder or your baby is wearing a short sleeved baby grow you can zip on the sleeves and relax knowing that he will still be warm, even better they even have incorporated scratch mits.
A great product with lots of benefits and after trying swaddling, and other style of sleeping bags but nothing comes close to this. A fab must have for any parent and with the many designs and sizes to choose from there is something for everyone.
Great value for money.

RRP: £19.95 (without sleeves), £24.95 (with sleeves)

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