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ReadyGirlsEssentialPeriodPackReady Girls
Essential Period Pack

Reviewed by Alex

The Ready Girls Essential Period Pack is a starter kit aged for girls within 9-14 as an emergency supply in case they start their periods while out and about.

It is a smart deep purple/claret case, similar shape to a glasses case. With lime green detail on the front and a sip opening, the case can be opened with the zip. The case itself is a firm, but soft casing which will withstand the durability of teen girls, in a school bag or handbag. My Teen loved the colours and did feel it just needed to be slightly wider. It is extremely well made. Inside the case contained an information leaflet, two clear bags for soiled underwear, a pair of disposable knickers (general size), two fresh wipes and two sanitary towels.

Although everything is quite tightly compact you can remove the items and replace easily, although if it were slightly wider it would look more like a glasses case and could then be used monthly for keeping more sanitary towels in it. Especially as on the leaflet it is recommended they are changed every two hours. We did a test and once items were removed you could replace with your own, but a tight squeeze.

The leaflet explains what happens in your body, how often you should change the sanitary towels, how often a period should occur and that it can take time to settle down in the earlier years. The way it is written and information is just right for the teenagers using the product. My Teens words were “it is clear and full of descriptions, but easy to understand.”

The items are great, good quality and above all would help out My Teen if she were out and didn’t have good clean toilets nearby with sufficient hand washing facilities.

My Teen loved the case and was happy to take it to review as well as has it in her school bag for future use and refill packs are also available.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: €7.99 (£6.99)

Available to buy from Ready Girls here.

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